The Department of Justice responds to your call for an independent investigation of the nursing home crisis.

A special thank you to AG Barr and the Department of Justice for answering our call for an investigation into the horrific deaths that occurred in New York’s nursing homes.  And kudos to all that signed our petition asking AG Barr and the DOJ for an independent investigation!  Our hearts are heavy when we think about our losses; but we know that we are doing all we can to prevent another crisis like this in the future.

Kim Klacik rejects Black Lives Matter: ‘When do the police get the microphone?’

Nick Sandmann Recounts Facing ‘Full War Machine of the Mainstream Media,’ Calls for Return to ‘Responsible’ Journalism.

The Media continues is biased coverage.  From the Chicago Tribune –  Analysis: 6 key takeaways from night 2 of the RNC, including Trump leveraging full weight of presidency behind reelection effort.  The Boston Globe writes this:  Three big picture takeaways from the second night of the RNC.

The Daily Caller reminds us how the NY Times changes its tune:   FLASHBACK 2012: NYT Reports Flaws, Fraud With ‘Mail In’ Ballots ‘Could Well Affect Outcomes This Fall’

James Carafano: Rioting in US cities – 5 reasons why violent radicals feel emboldened.

Sen. Tom Cotton: As president, Biden would pander to China – just look at his lifelong record.

Wasn’t Congresswoman Stefanik a credit to New York and her district last night when she spoke at the  RNC Convention?  Missed it?  Watch it here.  In case you missed our press release, Congresswoman Stefanik will be accepting President Trump and VP Pence nomination at our convention on Saturday.

Seriously, NY Dem woos Veterans by pledging to support law authored by her opponent?  Some things you just cannot make up; if it wasn’t so pathetic (lack of research/knowledge) it would be funny. Maybe she learned from former VP Biden.

Should Dems really expect voters to elect Biden, a proven plagiarist and cheat?

And a person who puts our military in danger?

Or a man who takes far too long to speak out on the rioting and looting taking place in America?  Here is Michael Goodwin’s take on Sleepy Joe’s awakening.

Portland Has Been Rioting Since May. Is There an End in Sight?

Fact Check: Yes, Biden’s Plan Would ‘Increase Taxes on Average for All Income Groups’

Newt Gingrich: Trump’s Contract with America – 50 promises from candidate who delivers.

Comparing the US to Nazi Germany Makes Us Incapable of Recognizing Truly Evil Regimes.

Conservatives and Republican must take back the Congress!  Speaker Pelosi must be demoted on January 1, 2021.  The Eye Roll-Worthy Reason Pelosi Just Said There Shouldn’t Be Any Presidential Debates.  She really is losing what little she has left of her mind.

Our energized President, Donald J. Trump, is ready for the next 68 days.   Fresh Off the RNC Convention, President Trump is Hitting the Road Friday