The Democrats are desperate; Cuomo allows New Yorkers to correct errors in Absentee Ballots.

Did you watch the RNC Convention last night?  I thought it was upbeat and hopeful, then I looked at the newspapers today and asked myself, what were they watching?  Last weeks, DNC Convention?  The headlines were written from those living in the Twilight Zone.  From Michael Cohen, who writes for the Boston Globe:  What I learned on the first night of the RNC; It was a night full of hosannas to Trump and willful lying about his four years in office.  From CNN:  Trump’s convention offers misleading portrait of his presidency.  From the NYT:  Donald Trump Jr. and Nikki Haley Attack Biden and Praise the President and this Nominating Trump, Republicans Rewrite His Record.  From the Chicago Tribune:  Analysis: 5 key takeaways from the first night of the RNC, including Trump showing he will be an omnipresent convention presence. From Forbes:  Five of The Biggest Falsehoods Of The First Night Of The Republican Convention.  From The Hill:  The Memo: Fear overshadows hope at GOP convention’s first night.  Those are just a few, and by no means the worst of what the mainstream media is reporting.  The problem is, far too many people only read headlines, do not watch the speeches for themselves and will never understand how uplifting the first night of the RNC Convention really was.  Watch it for yourself, in case you missed it last night and want to see for yourself how anti-Trump the mainstream media is. By the way, why didn’t the very same media do a fact check on the DNC Convention?

Some of the highlights from last night’s convention:

RNC speakers offer moving glimpse into how policy affects real people

The Mirror-Image Convention.

McCloskeys, St. Louis gun-wielding couple, warn: ‘Your family will not be safe in the radical Democrats’ America’

Father of Parkland Victim Knocks Biden for Forgetting When Shooting Occurred.

Tim Scott: Trump cleaned up ‘Biden’s mess’ with Black community.  (Of course, his talking about his Grandfather was powerful, and gave us the line that we will all remember…from cotton to Congress in a lifetime.  Kudos Senator Scott for being the living proof that the American Dream is and has been what makes America the greatest country in the world.)  Chris Cuomo should be ashamed of what he said, but then he would have to have a conscience instead of just having a huge ego.

Vernon Jones presentation shouldn’t be overlooked either, another person who achieved the American Dream.  Nor should Herschel Walker’s.

The new face to watch:  Kim Klacik!  Maryland’s Kim Klacik encourages Republicans in GOP convention speech not to ‘write off these inner cities’.  This is an interview with Mike Huckabee that explains how this social media ad that has gave her a huge platform.

Lifelong Ohio Democrat: After Night One of the Convention, I’m Voting Republican.

4 Big Moments from the House’s Postal Service Hearing.

The Emperor strikes again; Legislation Allows N.Y. Voters To Correct Errors With Absentee Voting.  New York State needs to enact legislation that allows her citizens to recall an over-zealous, powerful, micro-manager that masquerades as the governor of the state.

4 Life-Threatening Unintended Consequences of the Lockdowns.

Making Marx Proud: Today’s Campus Lunacy.

NYC police union endorses Nicole Malliotakis for Congress.

This woman really must get a life.  Hillary Clinton: ‘Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances’ in November election.