Will Governor Cuomo’s new book contain this information?

The headline is an understatement:  If Cuomo won’t allow outside review of NY nursing home COVID-19 horror, he admits guilt.  “The people of New York deserve answers. If Cuomo and his allies don’t even allow this commission to look for them, it’s compelling proof of guilt.”  We continue to stand by our call that an Independent body to investigate the horror of so many deaths in New York state nursing homes.

I wonder if the Emperor will have these statistics in his forthcoming book on how well he handled the COVID-19 pandemic here in New York.

Andrew Cuomo’s Book Deal and Why the Worst Rise to the Top in Politics.

Americans Continue to Flee States with Higher Taxes.

Matt Vesper writes that NJ election invalidated over rampant voter fraud…which I was told doesn’t happen in the US.  Fool us once shame on you; fool us twice, history will be correct that a democracy won’t last.  As Thomas Jefferson said,” “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not” and “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

Trump responds to ‘gloomiest’ DNC: ‘Joe Biden sees American darkness, I see American greatness’  Of this I am certain, President Donald J. Trump admires, supports and hopes to continue the vision of our Founding Fathers laid out for the one country that has lifted the world and remains the beacon of freedom so many people seek.

President Trump to speak every night of RNC this week as full lineup revealed.

Trump poised to win more Hispanic votes in spite of strict immigration policy.

30 Good Things President Trump Has Done for America.

Are you aware of the 3 ways the Trump Administration saves on Medicare, Medicaid costs?

The Truth About the Post Office Controversy.

Matt Vesper writes that a former top Obama aide might have given the progressive Left a solid reason to stay home on election day.

Twitter has an agenda and it does not include keeping an open platform for discussion; it supports censorship of legitimate news. Twitter has silenced us for 45 days so far, and still no reason as to why.  Perhaps, Jack Dorsey wants to silence those how would oppose this person’s proposed US Constitutional amendment.  Whatever his reason is for keeping us off Twitter, (and deleting our followers and those we follow as well as our profile picture) people should be concerned.  If it happens to us; it can happen to those who support us.  In case you missed William F. B. O’Reilly’s Newsday article here.

Appeasement: The European Sickness.  (Note to author: appeasement, unfortunately, isn’t only a European sickness; appeasement never resolves an issue, it only postpones the inevitable when strong leadership is absent.)

Robert Knight writes in the Washington Times how politically ambitious democrats want to bring urban dysfunction to the suburbs.

Parents have lost control of their children’s education.

Turn to the Founders to Remind Ourselves of What We Stand to Lose.