Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses the DNC, restaurants in NYC need to allow inside seating, Conservative Party nominates Chris Jacobs for Congress, Conservative Party to nominate the Trump/Pence ticket Saturday, August 29.


 The Democrats concluded their convention and officially nominated Joe Biden as their candidate for President last evening to little fanfare.

“Over the last week, the Democrats held the darkest and angriest and gloomiest convention in American history,” said President Trump who actually enjoyed a bump in the polls. Typically, it is the Democrats who see their numbers improve during their convention, but due to little excitement in far-left Kamala Harris as Vice President, and Joe Biden, who promises to raise your taxes on day 1, the democrats did not see a convention bump in the polls.

The only thing that was bumped was “Under God” by at least two caucuses while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

NYC Restaurants in Limbo

As we inch closer and closer to fall and winter, the New York City Hospitality Alliance is demanding a timeframe as to when they will be permitted to allow in door dining.

Restaurant owners were under the impression they would be permitted to open in July with a restricted capacity, in addition to their outdoor seating. However, with September quickly approaching, there is still no plan in place.

“We have met, sustained and exceeded the benchmarks that have allowed the rest of the state to open and now we are sitting here six weeks later with no plan. So, today we demand a plan from Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio about when and how indoor dining is going to reopen in the city of New York,” Andrew Rigie, executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance, said at a press conference Thursday.

As more than 200,000 service industry workers remain unemployed, it is imperative the Governor and Mayor provide these businesses with a solid time frame and stop moving the goalposts. 14 days to slow the spread has turned into 5 months and New York City business owners are paying the price.

We have seen restaurants and bars all over the city forced to close their doors for good. If we do not allow them do to indoor dining, we will see many more closings, as they will not be able to sustain themselves through a long, grueling New York winter.

Conservative Party Endorses Chris Jacobs for Congress

 The Conservative Party announced that the Executive Committee, has upon a recommendation from Western New York Party leaders, endorsed Congressman Chris Jacobs for re-election. The vacancy occurred when Beth Parlato was nominated for the State Supreme Court.

It is the logical conclusion of a process that allowed voters to express their preference. Chris Jacobs won that contest and now he will go on to represent the people of the 27th Congressional District and New York State ably in Congress.  The Conservative Party’s first and foremost priority is to elect qualified conservatives to Congress. Individuals who will vote to replace Nancy Pelosi with a new Speaker; one who will respect individual freedom, personal responsibility, and smaller government. I am confident Chris Jacobs is that person.

Congressman Jacobs in accepting the endorsement stated, “America is facing a major decision in November and conservatives are stronger when we are united. I am proud to have the endorsement of the Conservative Party and I look forward to continuing to work in Congress to rebuild our economy, restore safety to our streets, and protect the rights and future of all Western New Yorkers.”

The Conservative Party in the 27th Congressional District received over 34,000 votes for Congress in the 2016 Presidential election year.

We look forward to working to re-elect Congressman Jacob.

Conservative Party to Formally Nominate President Trump

 The New York State Conservative Party at a Convention of the State Committee will formally nominate Donald J. Trump and Mike Pence for President, and Vice President of the United States Saturday, August 29th, 2020 in Dutchess County.

All are invited to attend, but we do ask if you are not a delegate, you should contact our State Headquarters at 718-921-2158 as there are limitations on guests due to COVID.

I, along with our State Committee, am excited to nominate President Trump and Vice President Pence.

In 2016, they received nearly 300,000 votes on our party line and I look forward to exceeding those numbers in 2020.

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