Cuomo’s one regret proves his arrogance…

Why did Twitter silence a NY voice?  (This is a Newsday column and a subscription is required.)  Everyone should be concerned that we have been silenced on Twitter.  We are also concerned that we blocked from seeing what others are Tweeting about and therefore cannot respond to political statements from the right or left.  So much for our First Amendment rights.

Have you seen this Trump Campaign ad?  It really is alarming to see the decline in Joe Biden over the last 4 years.  Unfortunately, many democrats refuse to acknowledge the obvious decline.  Democrats riding high heading into home stretch — just like in 2016.

President Trump Shredded Obama’s Entire DNC Speech with One Tweet.

Andrew Cuomo’s DNC Speech Was a Travesty of Errors.

Democrats stay silent on violence in their cities: Devine.

Any doubt that New York City has a mass exodus on its hands?  You won’t after reading this article: Movers in N.Y.C. Are So Busy They’re Turning People Away.

When Half of NYC’s Tax Base Leaves and Never Comes Back.

And it isn’t only NYC that has financial problems:  Buffalo finances among worst in US.

From Campus Review:  Duke prof proposes $12 trillion in reparations….$800k per eligible Black household.

Anyone surprised by this?  ‘Fort Lori’: Chicago police ban protests on Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s block, order arrests for anyone who won’t leave.  It just proves the arrogance of the progressive left; they deserve special treatment, while we are peons who do not deserve what they do for themselves. As the queen of Chicago noted, “I have a right to make sure my home is secure.”  Unbelievable!!

New Local Election Ordered in N.J. After Mail-In Voter Fraud Charges.

What’s Really Going on With the US Postal Service.

Fact Check: Debunking 10 Myths About the US Postal Service.

The NY Post headline:  Gov. Cuomo regrets not mandating masks for New Yorkers sooner.  What you should regret, Governor, is sending COVID-19 patients back to nursing homes.  New York State has the highest death rate, due to your directive from DOH. And if it wasn’t your directive, why is Howard A. Zucker, MD, JD still working there?

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.