Governor Cuomo’s OUTRAGEOUS Omission in DNC Speech…

New York’s emperor believes he is godlike and tried very hard to convince those who watched the DNC convention that only he can lead the United States of America as president some day soon.  Those who have praised his handling of the COVID-19 crisis in New York State, either do not live here, never passed reading comprehension, or are smitten with the hogwash his press flacks distribute.  In case you missed his self-congratulatory presentation, you can watch it here. It is amazing how his outright lie says how the Trump Administration is responsible, while it was Governor Cuomo and his administration order patients with COVID-19 to return to nursing homes, knowing it would spread like fire through dry grass.  Andrew Cuomo is driven by power; he is driven by the fact that he must achieve more that his father who is still admired by many.  Andrew Cuomo and his lemmings will never come close to being a mini Mario; Mario was genuine, Andrew is deceptive.  Any doubts, read this: Gov. Cuomo looks to cash in with book on pandemic despite NY death toll.  Any more doubts, read this (especially the 5th paragraph) Political Buzz: Cuomo’s Cameo at the Coronavirus Convention.

New York’s coronavirus failures are not Trump’s fault.

One has to wonder why, Emperor Cuomo, constantly calls it the “European Virus” not the “China Virus.”  Since he is on board with Joe Biden being president, and the fact that Joe Biden and family have close China ties, could that possibly be the reason he is so contrary about is origin?

Cuomo: Biden Will “Restore the Soul of America”.    How, by only giving interviews to Cardi B, whose latest release is described as “her raunchy new comeback single”

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BTW, Twitter is still silencing us; 39 days…when will they let us back on or when will they explain why we are being silenced?