Chairman Kassar’s weekly wrap up discusses Biden’s choice for VP, the release of another violent murderer, Malliotakis and Katko release TV ads and the cancelling of the Tribute of Lights.

Biden Chooses Harris as Running Mate

Just months after saying Joe Biden’s relationship with segregationists was “hurtful,” and attacking his record on desegregation bussing, Kamala Harris has accepted Joe Biden’s offer to join his ticket in November.

Harris’ selection as VP cements the Democratic parties hard turn left. Moderate polices are no longer welcomed. Instead, the potential Vice President, whom many believe could be elevated to President due to Joe Biden’s health concerns, is for no restrictions on abortions, ending cash bail nationally, single payer healthcare, and support of sanctuary cities.

Kamala Harris represents the new Democratic party. The party is hell bent on crippling tax increases, defunding police departments, and returning America to its status as the worlds piggy bank, taking care of foreign interests before our own here in the United States.

Manufacturing jobs in the rust belt will disappear the same way they did when Biden was Vice President. Pennsylvania will lose its fracking industry resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs, and cities will continue to crumble under lawlessness and disregard for law abiding citizens.

Malliotakis, Katko Go Live with Commercials

Assembly member Nicole Malliotakis, congressional candidate in New York’s 11th district, rated as a top 10 overall race in the country, and incumbent representative John Katko in New York’s 24th district, recently went up with their first live commercials.

Nicole is looking to flip the 11th district red. As a candidate for Mayor in 2017 she won 68% of the vote in the district.  You can view the Malliotakis Ad here.

Congressman John Katko has represented the 24th congressional district which includes the city of Syracuse since 2015. This seat is one of the few seats in the nation that Hilary Clinton won, that the Conservatives/GOP currently hold. A hardworking incumbent, Congressman Katko nevertheless faces a strong challenge in this Democratic leading district.  You can view the Katko Ad here.

New York Parole Board Set to Release Another Violent Murderer

 A man convicted of gruesomely raping and murdering two moms as their young children listened to their harrowing screams is set to be released from prison September 3.

Just six years ago, Samuel Ayala was asked if he would have killed the children had he not run out of bullets, he refused to answer.

In 20 short days, New York is set to release another convicted murder. A murderer who should have been sentenced to death in 1977. His crime is unconscionable, and incomprehensible. So is the parole boards decision to release him.

Ayala was sentenced to life in prison, and that’s exactly where he should remain until his last breath. He cut two lives short, left two families with mothers, daughters, and wives.

Ayala forfeited all his freedoms when he raped and murdered two innocent women. He should never experience one second outside the prison walls that currently house him.

I am outraged and saddened by yet another terrible decision to release a murderer back onto the streets.

The two victims don’t get a second chance, the children don’t get their mother back. Their only memory is the horrific sound of screams and Ayala laughing uncontrollably as he shot the Westchester moms.

I am appalled by the parole boards latest decision and even more appalled Governor Cuomo stands by idly as murderers who show no sign of rehabilitation are granted their freedom.

September 11 Light Tribute Cancelled

Today we learned that the 9/11 Memorial and Museum production company will not display the Tribute of Lights on the 19th Remembrance of America’s darkest day.

The two bright blue beams remind New Yorkers and the world that there is always hope that the future will bring peace through strength and vigilance.

Certainly the health of the individuals responsible for the display is important, however, in a city where millions of people have returned to work safely, adequate preparation could have and still can be made to protect the workers while respecting the 9/11 Memorial and Museum’s mission to commemorate the unbreakable spirit of New York and our strong belief that we shall never forget.

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