Politics and the Pandemic through Governor Cuomo’s eyes…

Michael Gormley’s report on the joint hearings held by the legislature yesterday regarding the nursing home COVID-19 deaths is here.   Fox News’ meteorologist Janice Dean, who lost both her in-laws, responds to the hearing here.

The Emperor really has colossal chutzpah calling the president’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic “the worst government blunder in modern history.”  This from the Governor who ordered nursing homes to take COVID-19 patients, knowing that it posed a threat like “fire through dry grass.”  What astonishes me, is that Andrew Cuomo believes what he is saying and is completely oblivious to what his administration is responsible for.  The media have put him on a pedestal due to their own disdain for President Trump, thereby allowing Andrew Cuomo to continue the façade of his own responsibility.  Andrew Cuomo cannot deny that New York State’s death rate is 168 per 100,000, second only to Connecticut.  Governor Andrew Cuomo has nothing, absolutely nothing, to crow about or blame President Trump about when it comes to the handling of COVID-19 in New York State.  What is even more disturbing about the Emperor’s statement, is that it was made when the Joint Legislative Hearings were being conducted and his own political party was not throwing soft balls, yet, he still did his best to grab the headlines by making outrageous statements.  Unacceptable.  His actions show quite clearly that it is all about his political future (yet, he decries the politics of the pandemic and the press covers that) and not about the people he took an oath to protect.

Critically ill COVID-19 patients make quick recovery with treatment RLF-100.

A federal judge upends NYS Election Law by ordering mail-in ballots to be opened.  Just so you know, the Judge, Analisa Torres, was appointed by former president Barack Obama, who has called for mail-in ballots in this November’s elections; Mail-in ballots, as opposed to Absentee Ballots.  Absentee ballots have a long history; mail-in’s do not.  Here is a Washington Times article on the debacle.

This endorsement speaks volumes:  Hochul (no bail, empty jails, etc.) Endorses Cobb; Troopers PBA (putting their lives on the line to protect New Yorkers ever day) Backs Stefanik

If you haven’t heard of the Lincoln Project, you should read this assessment of it in the Washington Examiner.

Charlie Kirk on Instagram (hopefully you will be able to open it) that is a great educational piece that takes the NY Times 1619 Project to task.  If you can’t open (no Instagram account) don’t disregard it; send it to your children and grandchildren for them to watch, they are the ones who really need to see it.  Say what:  Illinois state rep calls for ‘abolishment of history classes’  Who votes for these people?

How pathetic is this headline:  Ex-New York Times writer Bari Weiss says paper ‘living in fear of an online mob’   “… when you are living in fear of an online mob, you know, all it takes is a dozen people to repeat a lie about you — that you’re a racist, that you’re a transphobe, that you’re a bigot — for that lie to become true and that’s extremely dangerous.”  At least Ms. Weiss recognizes the power of the cancel culture and has been willing to stand up against it.  It didn’t take long for the once great NY Times to devolve into the cowering Grey Lady.

This Proposed Law Would Flood Small-Business Employers with Ruinous Lawsuits.

From the Gatestone Institute:  Black Lives Matter: “We Will Burn Down This System” – Part II

Homicides Skyrocket in Dozens of Nation’s Largest Cities, Analysis Finds.