No ID to vote; but, some of the same elected officials want biometrics to purchase tobacco/alcohol…

One really must try hard to understand the logic of the elected democrat officials in New York State.  Assemblywoman Latrice Walker, D-Brooklyn, recently introduced legislation that seeks to require biometrics, fingerprints and/or an eye scan and/or facial recognition, in order to verify one’s age for the purchase of alcohol or tobacco.  To elected democrats this appears to be important; however, when it comes to voting no proof of citizenship, age or residence is required.  Someone, please explain their logic, or better yet, explain how they get elected.

Logic fails me in this situation also; democrats demand the tax returns of Donald J. Trump and say that debates are not necessary?

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) also points out the lack of logic most democrats seem to suffer from in this article:  Economists vs. Common Sense; If you pay people not to work, fewer will work. Except at Yale, it seems.  From the article:  “Senate Republicans have offered to extend the enhanced benefit by $200 weekly for two months, which would still allow many low-wage workers to make as much as they did working. Democrats are demanding that the extra $600, which expired on July 31, be extended into 2021. If you subsidize not working, you get less work.”  We all know the media extol Sen. Schumer and Speaker Pelosi for their ‘standing strong’ for the working man; but the media fails to acknowledge that that same working man is the person who pays the taxes that allows the government to pay the benefit, if they are not working (and paying the taxes) where is the money coming from?  Simple question; yet ignored by the main stream media.  If unemployment is as rampant as the press proclaims, where is the logic in Schumer, Pelosi, almost all democrats and their partners in the main stream media?  Government does not sell a product for people to invest in, they take their money from working men and women, or perhaps they believe there really is a golden goose, whose ending they have chosen to ignore.

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