The Emperor has a Freudian slip…

Isn’t it amazing that so many on the left decry the use of large sums of money in politics, except when it is George Soros giving it out to them?

The Atlantic, not known for a conservative view point, warns voters that the first large scale test of mail-in voting in the pandemic has left one in five New Yorkers with their votes tossed out.  “New York is a solidly Democratic state, with a Democratic governor, and all the officials who matter said they were committed to expanding voting by mail and other options. And it was a disaster (emphasis added by cpnys).” One has to give The Atlantic kudos for pointing out one of the problems with being dependent on mail-in (absentee voting), but it fails to note the strong possibility of fraud, which is the bigger problem.  While credit is given to The Atlantic, it is still written from a democratic point of view by never mentioning the probability of a true election disaster (fraud) with government’s encouraging absentee voting.

The WSJ (subscription required)  writes that New York Lawmakers Work to Avoid Problems With Absentee Ballots.    With democrats having complete control of the legislature, any proposal put forward by them, would not address the real concerns of absentee voting, those being fraud.   The article notes “… thousands of ballots have been invalidated because they weren’t postmarked by June 23 or the voter didn’t sign the back of the envelope.” Both solid reasons for invalidating the absentee ballots which is necessary to maintain a semblance of honesty.  Remember they passed automatic voter registration for those who use state agencies without confirming they are a New York citizen.  According to this WSJ article, Election Officials Are Vulnerable to Email Attacks, Report Shows, emailing is also vulnerable. New York isn’t the only state with problems:  New Jersey’s All-Mail Vote Debacle Is a Warning for November.  Let’s all resolve to vote the old-fashioned way:  In person on November 3rd.

One more WSJ article, What Else Cuomo Crushed, which points out that NY’s economy has suffered the worst job losses in the Northeast.  (It seems that the Emperor has a new nemesis to blame for his failures.)

Cuomo blames NY Post for rising COVID-19 rates in Florida and Arizona.  The rates of infections are rising; New York currently has 416K total cases with 32,506 deaths, Florida has 424K with 5,853 deaths.  Why do you leave that fact out, Governor?  Far too many people have died from COVID-19, but, making it political Governor Cuomo, is immature and trying to deflect the horrendous number of deaths in New York’s nursing homes.  It appears that the Emperor has a new villain to blame:  Cuomo Blames Fed ‘Trusted Traveler’ Ban For Early COVID-19 Spread In NY.

How is the Emperor going to explain or blame someone for this?  Cuomo’s coronavirus-only hospital became deadly amid shortages of meds, PPE: insiders.

Today’s NY Post editorial chides the Emperor with their pithy editorial that ends with this, “We’re fine paying the rent. We’re fine being the whipping boy for Cuomo’s passing the buck on nursing-home deaths. Because if we’re annoying him that much, it means one thing — he knows we’re right.”  Yes, he does, so do we.

Did you hear about the Emperor’s Freudian slip?

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Sunday evening, Mark Levin, had one of the best reasons to reject Joe Biden’s bid to replace Donald J. Trump.  His only guest was Stanley Kurtz and it was a compelling hour of television. Here is a short clip.  As of now, I have not been able to find the full show for you, but I will continue to search for it.  I encourage all of you to do the same.  We who live in New York are familiar with the Obama Administration’s attempt to change Westchester County.  Thankfully. Westchester County fought the good fight and Secretary Ben Carson, along with President Trump, resolved the contentious 2009 court ordered settlement to meet fair housing requirements in 2017.  The democrats have not, nor will they ever change their desire to fundamentally change America; they are currently winning and will continue to do so if we do not fight for what we believe in:  The American Dream; the dream that has empowered those willing to work for it, it has lifted countries out of poverty and lets freedom ring throughout the world.  Pay attention, get involved.