Chairman Kassar’s wrap up this week discusses Mayor de Blasio, the State Legislature’s end of session, Dutchess County’s Rally for Law Enforcement, and the Bronx County Conservative Party.

President Trump Warns Bill de Blasio to Get Control of Crime in NYC

 President Trump made it loud and clear to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio this week; get control of the crime wave, or he will, as he said he would not hesitate to send federal law enforcement officers to restore law and order back to the city.

New York City has seen a dramatic increase in shootings, shooting victims, and murder since the disbanding of the plain clothed anti-crime unit just over a month ago.

The Mayor responded to the President by threatening to sue the federal government if additional law enforcement was indeed sent to NYC. However, in a clear attempt to make it seem as if he is in control, Mayor de Blasio ordered the removal of Occupy City Hall protestors that have been camping out in City Hall Park for the last month, defacing and degrading city municipal buildings in lower Manhattan.

The move was made only after President Trump threatened to intervene, making it clear de Blasio believes the President will step in and do the Mayors job for him.

State Senate GOP attempts to Rescind Governor’s Emergency Powers

New York State Democrats voted down the Republican conferences amendment to rescind Governor Cuomo’s emergency powers on Wednesday making it clear they have no interest in carrying out their duties as elected officials, nor do they care to be a part of important legislative issues unless it involves raising your taxes, late term abortion, or releasing criminals out on the street with no bail.

However, the Democratic conference was able to come together on one piece of legislation; automatic voter registration.

The Conservative Party is vehemently opposed to this new law. Voting is one of the privileges a citizen in New York state has and a responsible citizen takes the time to register to vote. With the passage of this bill, New Yorkers, many who are here illegally and others who are not citizens of New York, will be automatically registered to vote just by their interaction with certain state agencies listed in the bill. The bill tout’s automatic registration as a modernization of our current registration system, and states unequivocally that this proposal will increase the efficiency of voter registration, save money, increase the accuracy of voter lists, prevent disfranchisement of eligible citizens, promote greater participation and reduce incidents of registration and voter fraud, this has not been proven in states that have adopted similar legislation.

Automatic voter registration is a ruse to dilute legitimate votes cast by citizens who want to vote; those who take the effort to register and cast their votes. Automatic voter registration does not guarantee the person is eligible to vote, as we learned when this same body enacted the Green Light Law.

One party control in Albany has, and will continue, to set New York State back as Democrats continue to prioritize all the wrong things. As crime spikes statewide and police are vilified, they could not even get behind the men and women in uniform to support a package that would protect police officers from attack.

Elections matter and they have consequences; if we cannot make strides in taking back State Senate and Congressional seats, lawlessness will ultimately prevail in New York.

Dutchess County Conservative Party Rallies to Support the Police

 This past Saturday, the Dutchess County Conservative Party organized a very successful rally in support of law enforcement. I believe these events to be critical, as it is important to show our men and women in uniform they are not alone.

New Yorker’s want to feel safe and enjoy a good quality of life. Our law enforcement work day in and day out to provide us with just that.

Thank you Don Minichino, Terri Sheehan, Phil Polizotto, and Mert Melfa for all your hard work in Dutchess.

Bronx Conservative Party

 The Bronx County Conservative Party is making incredible strides under new Chairman Patrick McManus. They have increased their activity locally and digitally throughout the last two months and I want to take this opportunity to thank Chairman McManus and his committee.

It is important we take advantage of every opportunity to spread our message of common sense and decency.

I hope you will join me in following the Bronx County Conservative Party on Facebook to stay up-to-date on county developments.

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