Mayor de Blasio: New York City would be better off if you just self-isolated and live in your out of touch reality alone.

This headline is spot on:  With Joe Biden in charge of law enforcement, there will hardly be any.

AOC Gets Caught Gaslighting About New York’s Rising Violent Crime.   (I admit, I am a dinosaur when it comes to slang, so I had to ask Siri what does gaslighting mean.  According to Siri, gaslighting as a verb is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality, in other words, they deny the other persons point of view and tries to make them think it is not true.)  How typical is that of AOC who believes she is smarter than anyone.  It really is so unbecoming of a member of Congress, and a huge disservice to her constituents who will ultimately be the ones hurt by AOC’s power grab.

How Is the Left of the ’60s Different from the Left of Today?

When they’re going after the Virgin Mary, you know protest has turned to madness.

Jeff Minick writes in Intellectual Takeout how in his life has he never seen such uninspiring leadership among our politicians.  (Don’t despair, we have a chance to change this in November.) Missing in Action: Leaders in a Time of Crisis.

Mr. Mayor: this is NOT leadership.

Neither is this, Mr. Mayor.  Really, the state courts should take responsibility?  You and your backers, the NYS Legislature under the “leadership” of Governor Andrew Cuomo opened this Pandora’s Box.  All of you demanded criminal justice reform…what on earth did you think would happen?  You are witnessing the results of your changes; all of you tied the hands of the state courts and now you have the audacity to blame them?  What planet are you from??  To say that you need the court system to run again…insinuating that because COVID-19 closed the system…is mind-boggling.  Even when the courts are back in business, their hands have been tied by the actions taken by those who support the deadly mistakes of the criminal justice reform supported by progressives.  Disgraceful remarks, disgraceful lack of leadership.

NYC shooting surge continues, injuring at least six people across city.

Anti-cop madness is forcing some leaders to say, ‘Enough’

Mike Bloomberg’s gun-control group will spend $1 million to help Democrats try to flip Pa. legislature.  Why doesn’t Mike Bloomberg spend $1 million to stop criminals from getting illegal weapons?  Hasn’t the gun violence that he abhors (as we all do) prominent in democratic controlled cities and states?  Why does he want to make another state vulnerable?  It isn’t nor has it ever been people who purchase guns legally that are the problem, it is the gangs, thugs and those who could never but a gun legally that is the problem.  One could pass thousands of laws but they will never stop the ones who don’t give a damn about the lives of innocent people.   At least Bloomberg dropped out of the presidential race, so he won’t have that bully pulpit to spread his misinformed message.

City Journal examines Nursing Homes: The Center of the Pandemic

Here is another idea that progressives are trying to push through the legislators all across America.   Christopher F. Rufo explains the harm in “harm reduction.”

Allison Schrager opines on the “Stakeholder” Fallacy; Joe Biden’s vision of capitalism is a recipe for failure.

The Empire Center’s Bill Hammond fills in the blanks on New York’s COVID-19 pandemic.

Janice Dean Excoriates Cuomo for Selling ‘COVID Mountain Death Posters’.  Watch Brian Kilmeade’s interview here.

From the WSJ (subscription required)  The Covid Fiscal Crisis Is About Debt and Taxes.

The Emperor speaks again:  Cuomo cites ‘significant evidence’ NYC restaurants are violating social distancing rules, threatens closures.  Governor, we still have a lot to learn about this virus, and we urge you to stop being a dictator, study what we do know, and encourage our citizens to do what is recommended here.  If people understand the importance of wearing a mask — like most of you, I find wearing a mask is uncomfortable, hot, unpleasant, ugly and a hundred more reasons to not want to wear one – but, I do understand why it is so important and I wear it when I am in public places to protect myself and others should I be asymptomatic, I comply, not because the Emperor tells me to, but because it really is the right thing to do…until we have a vaccine. And as soon as we have the vaccine,  people will argue over getting the vaccine.  We will leave that argument to another day.   Today, however, the choice is ultimately yours to make…make it a smart choice.

Kudos to Rochester, NY!  They wasted no time in replacing their statue of Frederick Douglass in Maplewood Park.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.

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