Gov. Cuomo shouts about his COVID-19 response; silent on his New York criminal justice reforms tolerating crime sprees in New York.

Which is more pathetic, that this woman is a Congresswoman, or the people who voted for her?  No need to answer, we already know that the people who voted for her are just as uneducated, despite her degree from Boston College, as she regarding all the good that America has done.  She, and her supporters, are a product of the extreme liberalism that has co-opted our educational system.  If you agree, help make the necessary changes in November.  Need more proof how out of touch the Congresswoman is?  William McGurn opines in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) about AOC’s Hill of Beans.

Here is a good read for AOC and the people who think like her:  Is America Good.

Parents of students in college, if you have any doubt that the young minds of your children are being infused with anti-American rhetoric, read this:  Public univ. ‘encourages’ students to fight ‘unjust’ Trump policy.

Davell Gardner’s killing should shock NY politicians out of their NYPD-bashing madness

Seth Barron opines on the Wave of Violence Overwhelms NYC.

In Wake Of Continued Gun Violence, Prominent Members Of Black Community Call On NYPD To Bring Back Anti-Crime Unit.

Gov. Cuomo’s nursing home report is facing more blistering criticism from outside of NYS…as well it should.  However, it doesn’t stop “our emperor” from attacking President Trump by saying, “Trump’s COVID scandal makes Nixon’s Watergate look innocent.”  Rather political statement by “our emperor” who likes to say this is not the time for politics.  In fact, he said partisanship will make COVID-19 pandemic even worse in America.  How things have changed in the emperor’s mind, when under attack, his political reaction is defensive and punitive.  He believes the puff journalism pieces, believes he is invincible but, when a crack in his armor occurs, he goes for the jugular; wounding isn’t enough.

Rich Lowry opines in today’s NY Post:  It’s just nuts to praise New York’s ‘success’ against coronavirus.

Emperor Cuomo must have been influenced by George Orwell’s 1984.

The NY Times became the “Old Gray Lady” in 1951  when the newspaper was “regarded by many in the world at large (and all within its own world) as the world’s greatest. And newsmen generally hail it as “old” and “gray” by way of acknowledging its traditional special marks: starch conservatism and circumspection.”  Bari Weiss slams ‘new McCarthyism’ in scathing resignation letter as a NY Times opinion editor.   The “Old Gray Lady” is no more and lost its standing as the world’s greatest a long time ago.

LISTEN: US Ambassador to France ‘Petrified’ American Dream Slipping Away, Warns Against Civic Ignorance.

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