The Emperor (AKA Governor Cuomo) doubles down on his major nursing home mistake…again.

Being Conservative, Mark Levin and I have some things in common; at the top of that list is our admiration of Thomas Sowell.  In case you missed Mr. Levin’s interview of Thomas Sowell, here is a snippet of it.

If former VP Joe Biden isn’t true to his religious tenets, how will he be true to the US Constitution?   Will he pick and choose the doctrines that he likes to enforce and ignore the ones he doesn’t?  These is a serious question to think about, since he touts being a Roman Catholic and supporter of the US Constitution.

Governor Cuomo, here is another organization calling for an independent investigation on the COVID-19 deaths on New York’s nursing homes.  Answers, Governor Cuomo, answers are needed, not a whitewashing  of deadly mistakes.  The Emperor definitely has no clothes on when it comes to this issue: Cuomo says his nursing home report ‘has the facts.’ Others worry it has a ‘preconceived conclusion’.  We will continue our demand for an independent investigation!

The coffers are empty, so the Governor says:  Out-of-state travelers must tell NY authorities where they came from or face fine, Cuomo says.

Really, Governor?  Isn’t it about time you acted like an adult?  Gov. Cuomo produces old-school poster glorifying coronavirus response.

New Book Revealing the ’21 Biggest Lies About Trump’ Might Trigger One Group…And It’s Not Liberals.

Harper’s Open Letter Critical of ‘Cancel Culture’ Should Be Applauded, Not Canceled

The Left tried to respond; Guy Benson writes about their response in  Surprise: Pro-Cancel Culture Letter Packed with Lazy Arguments, Inconsistencies, and Omissions

Every American should join stand with the GOP Lawmakers Urge(ing) Attorney General to Defend St. Louis Couple’s Gun Rights After Firearm Confiscation.

Soros Groups’ Vote-by-Mail Drive Aims to Expand Government Control.

Here is a good article to pass around to your friends and family:  Defend U.S. Statues and Monuments: Here’s What the Mobs Really Want to Destroy.  Especially to our younger members whose history has been skewered by the NEA.

Another Deadly Cost of COVID-19 Lockdowns: “A Hidden Epidemic” of Drug Overdoses.

Joe Biden’s Economic Plan and Type 2 Socialism.

Robert Knight writes in the Washington Times that Race hustlers take ‘diversity’ scam to new levels by enforcing leftist agenda.

Liberal Reporter: Yes, The Mueller Probe’s ‘Hysterical Fallacies’ Is Cause for Roger Stone’s Commutation.

Demoralizing the Police.  As cops become objects of derision and scorn, violent crime soars in American cities.  (The Conservative Party stands with all our law enforcement…and proves it.)