Don’t judge a book by its cover, (nor a US Supreme Court decision) read it and see what you discover.

Today’s major news is from the US Supreme Court; two decisions directly effecting President Donald J. Trump.  The first one that came down allows Manhattan DA Vance’s grand jury subpoenas for documents from accounting firm Mazars USA and the Trump Organization as well as his tax returns,  to go forward and the second punted the Democratic Congressional request back to the lower courts because, as Justice Roberts noted, “The House’s approach would leave essentially no limits on the congressional power to subpoena the President’s personal records.”  Neither decision will have an immediate effect, much to the disdain of desperate democrats.  Of course, most of the media coverage will focus on these decisions being a big Trump loss, however, once people look behind the headlines, the decisions are not as damaging as the main stream media would have you think. One thing is certain, we have not heard the end of either court decision.   Our system of government has always believed that no one is above the law, that essentially is what was reaffirmed in the first decision and the second decision reaffirms that “fishing expeditions” by those in power should not be allowed.

Supreme Court rules in favor of Little Sisters of the Poor in ObamaCare contraception case. The court ruled 7-2 in favor of the Trump administration and the Catholic charity. “The majority opinion, written by Justice Clarence Thomas, ruled that the Trump administration’s challenged rulemaking was aboveboard, and hailed the work of the Little Sisters of the Poor.”

David Bossie: Republican vs. Democratic 2020 platforms will lay out clear choice for voters in Nov.

Thank you, Julie Kelly, this had to be said:  Never Trump’s utterly unprincipled lies.

In case you missed this yesterday: “Cuomo has the nerve to blame grieving family members and heroic nursing-home staffers, charging they were the ones who infected and killed as many 12,000 elderly and helpless residents.”   No, Gov. Cuomo, New York’s nursing home carnage is your fault: Goodwin

Health czar Howard Zucker’s pathetic bid to clear himself on NY’s nursing home deaths.  “In fact, the report says 6,326 infected patients were transferred from hospitals to nursing homes from March 25 to May 8. How can any data show that was unrelated to the virus’ deadly spread in those homes?

Churchill: No, Cuomo isn’t off the hook for state’s nursing home order.

Gov. Cuomo sent 6,300 COVID-19 patients to nursing homes during pandemic.

Bill Hammond writes in Empire Center that Cuomo Administration Ducks Important Questions on Nursing Homes.

The City Journal writes about The Nursing-Home Catastrophe.

Will they try to whitewash the nursing home crisis also?  Senate Health Chair Says Nursing Home Hearings Necessary

Even national columnist, Guy Benson, weighs in on Governor Cuomo handling of COVID-19 and NY’s nursing homes.    Analysis: Cuomo Keeps Digging

Betsy McCaughey writes How COVID-19 is transmitted completely upended — here’s what we need to reopen.  In Ms. McCaughey’s article, she gives kudos to Gov. Cuomo for wanting Malls to have filtered air.  Considering the history of Legionnaires Disease and Ms. McCaughey’s latest evidence on how COVID-19 is transmitted, maybe, just maybe Governor Cuomo may be right.  (However, this “juror” will wait for more evidence since his decision on nursing homes was so abysmal.)

New York’s Police Department still under heavy assault by state legislators.

America caving to anti-Americans; have we forgotten appeasement never ends?  Cult Programming in Seattle

Hey Joe, haven’t you learned yet appeasement never ends:  Joe Biden Says Police Have ‘Become the Enemy,’ ‘Absolutely’ Should Defund Them.

Corporations haven’t learned that appeasement never ends either:  These 18 Corporations Gave Money to Radical Black Lives Matter Group

Does this woman really represent the people in her district?  I just do not understand how anyone who lives in America, a country that allows her to speak against her government, a country that has given her a huge platform to say what she says, why would she want to dismantle the economy and political system.  Didn’t her parents flee the government she is calling for?

Trump’s Right. We’re Now Reckoning With a Generation of Anti-American Indoctrination.

.Big Philanthropy and the Battle Against ‘Systemic Racism’

How the Heroes of Black Lives Matter Executed Blacks.

Victor Davis Hanson opines on the Fragility of the Woke.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.

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