Governor Andrew Cuomo’s shameless pandering to those who seek to crown him an American icon.

We’re not the United States of Denial. We have never been a nation that has excelled because we refused to admit the problem,” he added.  This was said by Governor Andrew Cuomo yesterday and it is just one of the most outrageous things he has ever said.  Andrew Cuomo is in a constant state of denial, proven yet again with the release of the “investigation” into the deaths of over 6,000 Mom, Dads, Grandparents and siblings confined in nursing homes.  He has no shame at all.  He keeps silent on the surge of crime (as if the social justice reforms he demanded has nothing to do with the surge), he keeps silent on when or if schools will reopen in September, silent on how he intends to enforce quarantines from visitors from hotspots, yet, he does not keep silent on what a great job he thinks he is doing (of course, the media has practically anointed him a modern day god) and if anyone thinks this man is not running for president, they are living in La-La Land.  We ask again, how can the Commissioner who issued the March 25 mandate, investigate himself?  Denial!  No moral compass! Incapable of admitting they (Governor and Commissioner) made a mistake.  If Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Zucker believed they had not made a major error, why did they rescind the memo on May 10, 2020.  It is disgraceful that Commissioner Zucker – and Gov. Cuomo – have placed the blame on the men and women who, while underpaid, have devoted their lives to taking care of our elderly.  We will continue to fight for the truth and vow that it will never happen again under our watch.

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The Big Test of Electoral College Is Yet to Come.   It never ceases to amaze me how some news organizations grab your attention.  For example:  Electoral College voters can be forced to back state popular vote winners, Supreme Court says.  Forced?  They made a pledge — that many people from both sides of the political world — would be proud to make.  How is that forced?

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