Chairman Kassar’s weekly topics are Conservative Party Primary wins, the Democrats hard left turn, and the destruction of historical monuments.

Conservative Party Candidates Enjoy Big Primary Night

I would like to take a moment to congratulate several of our candidates that won their GOP primaries by such large margins that absentee ballots will not come into play. In these districts the GOP and Conservative Parties are now united as we move to the November elections.

Anthony Garbarino, Nicole Malliotakis, Claudia Tenney, Michael Tannousis, John Lemondes, and Joe Angelino secured victories Tuesday night.  In the closer races absentee ballot counting begins on July 6th. We will keep you informed as the results become known. They join a full slate of Conservative/Republican candidates primed for victory.

We have a unique opportunity in democratic New York State to be ground zero for taking back the U.S House of Representatives. I encourage everyone to tell a family member, friend, or neighbor about your local state and federal candidates and support them this November 3rd.

Democratic Socialist of America Candidates Prevail

The New York Democratic party already co-opt by the left, turned even further left on Tuesday as AOC backed candidate Jamaal Bowman defeated incumbent Rep. Eliot Engel despite the mainstream democratic establishments best efforts.

Bowman, recruited by the Justice Democrats to run for the 16th Congressional district, successfully mounted a campaign similar to the one socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used to unseat Rep. Joe Crowley in 2018. In New York’s 17th Congressional district retiring Rep. Nita Lowey’s seat will go to another candidate from the far left, Mondaire Jones.

At the state level in the Senate and Assembly, two of the many DSA backed candidates won their democratic primaries, including Zohran Mamdani, who leads Assembly Member Aravella, and Jabari Brisport who leads in the race to replace retiring state Sen. Velmanette Montgomery.

The embracing of the Democratic Socialists of America by house members Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Tlaib sends a clear sign that there is no place for moderate democrats in their party. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer may hold the titles, but the democratic party is being influenced and led by members with socialist agendas.

 Monuments and Statues Under Attack

 As we approach the 4th of July an effort is underway to expunge the history created by our founding fathers including Thomas Jefferson, the original author of the Declaration of Independence and author of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom that became the model for our country’s First Amendment.

George Washington University itself has removed a bust of our country’s first president, which begs the question, where do we stop?

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are heroic figures in history; they were  men who led us to independence, united the country under one constitution, and never wanted to play the role of a king.

At some point we must draw the line and not give into angry mobs who thrive off a ridiculous cancel culture and refuse to acknowledge the time that these individuals lived in.

Many of the individuals participating in the destruction of these monuments, are not aware of what or who they are destroying, they just know they see an historical monument, and they’re obsessed with rewriting the history of it.

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