Breaking News: Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio agree on an issue!

Tomorrow is Primary Day…Check you local Board of Elections to see if you should vote!

In case you missed Saturday’s NY Post editorial:  Andrew Cuomo’s big lie on nursing homes and the Post  that ends with this: “No, the real question is how many died ­because of Zucker’s order. And the point of Cuomo’s desperate lies is to stop New Yorkers from asking it.”

True to form: Gov. Cuomo ends over 100 days of coronavirus briefings with tribute to himself.

Another good opinion piece in Saturday’s NY Post:  Call them The 1619 riots, that ends appropriately with this:  “America is not systemically racist, but is a republic devoted, however imperfectly, to the truth that all men are created equal.”  (In case you are not familiar with the reference to the 1619, here is the New York Times Magazine’s The 1619 Project.)

In a reference to the NY Times inability to carry a diverse opinion in their paper,  David Harsanyi opines in today’s NY Post that “Words are violence” is an illiberal notion meant to stifle speech. Popularized by a generation of coddled college kids, it now guides the editorial pages of major newspapers.”

With colleges so far to the left and revising history perhaps the time has come to Let’s Defund Our Universities.

Stephen Eide makes a great point in his Op-Ed column: Can’t replace policing with social services that don’t do what they’re supposed to,  especially in the last sentence — “#DefundthePolice would have us hamstring a vital public service — only to swell the budgets of failed programs already gorged with taxpayer cash.”

You Can’t Learn From a History That’s Been Deleted, but that doesn’t stop the cancel culture from wanting to remove statutes from museums and public squares. More on the Museum of Natural History’s plan to remove President Roosevelt’s statute here.   Surprise, surprise!  NOT.  Cuomo, de Blasio support Natural History Museum removal of Roosevelt statue.  The panders say Roosevelt should go, but New York’s  emperor said Columbus can’t go.  Hmm, might there be a bit of prejudice from the emperor?  Apparently, what is good for the goose (Roosevelt), isn’t good for the gander (Columbus.)  BTW, we do not think either should be removed; if you don’t understand, learn, or care about history, you will be doomed to repeat it.

Newt Gingrich: Three generations of brainwashing are paying off for the left.

More proof that the democrats have lost their way:  28 Congressional Democrats Sign Letter Demanding Department Of Education Allow Biological Males In Girls’ Sports.

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