Five political cowards and four constitutionalists.

The news from the US Supreme Court was another disappointment to those of us who respect the rule of law, even though they did not rule on the legality of DACA itself.  National Review explains the decision here:  SCOTUS Blocks Trump’s Attempt to End DACA.  “In dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas, joined Justices Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch, wrote that DACA was illegal from its inception (emphasis added by cpnys.)  Justice Brett Kavanaugh also explains his dissent in the linked article.   Most everyone has sympathy for children who had no control over their lives when brought here illegally by their parents, however, executive orders are not how to resolve the issue.  Congress is still charged with writing the laws of our great nation.

Can’t help but wonder if this will end up in the US Supreme Court also:  Trump-Administration Rule Would Undo Obama Policy Allowing Biological Males into Women’s Shelters

Another very disappointing decision was made by the Quaker Oats Company when it announced that they are “retiring” their Aunt Jemima brand because it is ‘based on a racial stereotype.’  Cowards.  They obviously do not know who Aunt Jemima came to be the face of their pancake mix and syrup.  It is a great tribute to a woman who was born a slave and rose to fame and fortune.  Let me mimic Paul Harvey for a moment with here is the rest of the story.  (Perhaps all the modern-day athletes, who enjoy the fruits of branding, should be thanking Nancy Green…and tell Quaker Oats they are kowtowing to those who are ignorant of history.)  Fortunately for all of us, Sherrie Williams, was diligent in letting is know the rest of the story.

Another knee-jerk reaction by an elected official…he certainly deserves the egg on her face.  By the way, Schaaf won the November 4, 2014 Oakland mayoral election in the 14th round in ranked choice voting with 62.79% of the vote.  NYC, this is your future since you voted for rank choice elections.

Unfortunately, this may be New York’s future if it remains under complete democratic control:  Taxes, taxes, and more taxes. Lawmakers Want to Tax the Rich to Fix Pandemic Battered Economy  and  Legislators Unite for People-Centered Recovery.

Between the above and this, it truly is time to sound the alarm that every elected official must be strong and say enough is enough…we cannot sustain the spending levels that everyone seems to be powerless to say no to.

“Criminals sense weakness and exploit it.”

Every family of a person who died in a nursing home deserves answers…and justice.

Brute accused of shoving elderly NYC woman has been arrested over 100 times

Tom Homan: Trump’s police reforms will help prevent misconduct by bad cops without endangering public safety

Danger: Iran’s Arms Embargo About to Expire.

Four Cheers for Capitalism in a Time of COVID.

Tolerance (a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions, beliefs, and practices that differ from one’s own), what is it that the left does not understand about tolerance?  They demand tolerance and are unable to be tolerant.  Amazon, it is time to cut the restraints the Southern Poverty Law Center has lured you into.

More on the Google issue:  NBC Tries and Fails to Wreck a Conservative Website. Here’s Why It’s Deeply Problematic.

Tyrannical governors ignore Constitution’s protection of religious freedom.

Tomorrow is the last of the daily pressers presented by Emperor Cuomo.  Many in the press will miss his daily self-congratulatory messages that reassure those watching that only he knows all the right answers; Amy Robach will certainly miss him.  I do believe, while Janice Dean, is not a news anchor, (she is in the media) would have had better questions for the “luv gov.”  You can listen to today’s presser here.

Walter E. William’s words of wisdom.