Is Google determined to dismantle the conservative movement?

Breaking:  Google Bans the Federalist from Generating Ad Revenue after Intervention by NBC News.

Trump signs executive order on police reform, bans chokeholds, highlights necessity of police forces.

“The protests are drawing huge attention, so the pander needs to be big so protesters believe he cares. And it’s working: Even Rev. Al Sharpton praised the move.”

“Nobody is going into Rikers, and everyone is coming out,” a source told The Post. No wonder crime rates are climbing up.

‘Delusional’: NY Assemblywoman Doesn’t Hold Back on De Blasio’s Rikers Decision.

Governor Cuomo’s daily self-congratulating presser is here.  No comments on how non-political he says he is and just can’t help being political himself as he truly believes he is the only one who gets it right.  It is so good to know that our benevolent benefactor is now allowing visitors in hospitals and on Friday, those who are in state run group homes for the disable will be allowed to have visitors also.

“The tangible results will be harrowing. Following Bostock, can a Catholic school deny employment to a teacher whose sexual lifestyle blatantly flouts millennia of Catholic moral teaching? Can an Orthodox Jewish day school refuse to hire a male teacher who self-identifies as a woman, contravening traditional teaching rooted in Genesis?”

“Albany insiders speculated a reason Paterson may have backtracked on his criticism of Cuomo is that he’s a lobbyist for Las-Vegas Sands casino, which is campaigning for the right to open a casino in New York City. The state government headed by Cuomo regulates casinos.”

Why Americans Must Stand Up to the Left’s Power Grab.

Seth Barron writes in City Journal about Years of Rage.

Christopher F. Rufo writes about the State of Chaz (or whatever it is being called now) in City Journal.

Why These African American Leaders Reject the Left’s Victim Narrative.   Here is a video of other African American icons that the press  remains mostly mute on while elevating those who revel in stirring the dialogue.

Good news on the COVID-19 front:  Oxford Researchers Identify First Drug Proven to Reduce COVID-19 Fatalities.

World-Leading Infectious Disease Expert Explains Why Government Lockdowns Should End

Liberal Reporter: It’s the Left That Destroyed Legitimacy of Coronavirus Containment Measures.

The Gatestone Institute has a new article on Vote-by-Mail.

Fortunately, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit has taken federal District Judge Fred Biery to the proverbial woodshed over an outlandish order he issued in late May.

Well, this explains a lot:  Chinese Propaganda Outlet Has Paid US Newspapers $19 Million for Advertising, Printing.

U.S. National Institutes of Health Fires 54 Researchers as Ongoing Investigation Reveals 93% Failed to Disclose Links to Chinese Communist Party.