Andrew Cuomo has spoken: Thou shalt not break my laws.

Chairman Kassar has signed on to the following memo to the movement decrying the violence in the wake of the killing of George Floyd and urging state, local and national authorities to respect peaceful protests while acting with alacrity to restore law and order when individuals and organizations turn to violence and use Mr. Floyd’s death to pursue an agenda of social conflict and destruction.  Read it here.

National Review makes the following recommendations as the foundational principles from which specific proposals should proceed.  What Conservative Law-Enforcement Reforms Should Look Like

Charles Love writes about False Prophets in the City Journal.

Coleman Hughes is a fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributing editor of City Journal.  Read his compelling article on Stories and Data here.

It is an established fact that you shouldn’t judge someone until you walk in his shoes; take the time to read Mr. Hughes and Mr. Love’s article and see the world through their eyes.  Instead of the media putting the likes of Al Sharpton on a pedestal, the media should be elevating the words of these young African-American men.

Also from City Journal:  Anarchy in Seattle.  (see related article below)

In case you missed Secretary Ben Carson on Fox News Sunday yesterday, June 14, 2020.  For the first time in a long time, Mr. Wallace was left speechless.  Great interview, Secretary Carson.  As noted above, don’t judge someone unless you walk in his shoes, Mr. Wallace.

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) writes that Political Groups Track Protesters’ Cellphone Data.  “Political Groups Track Protesters’ Cellphone Data “Political groups say the protests following the killing of George Floyd while in police custody, along with earlier lockdown protests, are opening up fresh opportunities to reach people who may not be registered to vote or weren’t previously politically active.”

How to force social media to respect free speech — or pay big.

Will New York lawmakers dare to face the state’s fiscal woes?

If they only knew the real Gov. Cuomo they wouldn’t be so quick to consider this:  Dems would swap Biden for Cuomo, poll says: Switch basement Grandpa with guy who killed Grandpas.  Dems need a strong personality (certainly not Joe Biden) to be their candidate and they think they have one in Andrew Cuomo.  All they have to do is listen to his double talk in his daily pressers and they will note that his self-praise is nauseating and while, like his daddy, Mario, he says one thing in a sentence and 20 seconds later, he contradicts what he just said.  Listen for yourself here.

It is important to know that this judge – Springing a cop-attacking looter: one judge’s new low – was appointed, not elected, to the bench by Mayor DeBlasio.  And, if my math is close, she is approximately 66 years old (graduating from Brandeis University in 1976) which means this ultra-liberal judge has a minimum of 4 years to continue to use her “judicial discretion” to not remand the worst of the worst.

File this under “whatever one sows, that will he also reap”:  Wins by young progressives start reshaping establishment.

Any doubt?  Read this one also:  Young people have the megaphone. Here’s what they want everyone else to hear.  Still have doubts?  Watch the Video: Seattle Autonomous Zone Mob Fondly Recalls French Revolution’s Guillotine for Dissenters.

Gov. Cuomo says law abiding citizens may have to stay in their homes if COVID-19 numbers start to increase and that tracers are needed to keep us safe.  But, NYC contact tracers  are not permitted to ask sick patients if they attended a George Floyd protest.  When did New York become the state that rewards the bad while punishing those who follow the rules?  (Hint:  when democrats took control.)