Chairman Kassar’s weekly topics are the nursing home crisis, defunding police and his candidate spotlight is on Andrew Garbarino.

Continued Calls for Independent Investigation Into NY Nursing Home Crisis

This week the Conservative Party formally called on the United States Attorney General William Barr to launch an independent investigation into why New York State has suffered over 6000 nursing home deaths attributed to COVID-19.

The Governor, under pressure from families, the media, elected officials, and political leadership, acknowledged the problem by calling for the NYS Department of Health and the State Attorney General to investigate. The Conservative Party takes exception with the State investigating itself. We firmly believe that both the NYS Attorney General and the Commissioner of Health are political functionaries lacking the ability to act independently particularly when the Governor’s actions are a likely target of any investigation.”

The Conservative Party was an early proponent of an independent federal investigation, launching an on-line petition that almost 2000 people signed and a social media campaign that received over 35,000 interactions supporting a federal investigation into this horrific crisis in our nursing homes.

We will continue to demand action and answers as to why thousands of New Yorker’s were put directly into harm’s way at the order of the Governors Department of Health.

A copy of the petition is here. The letter to Attorney General William Barr is here. A copy of the Commissioner’s memo is here.

New York City Council Begins Steps to Defund NYPD

Not long ago, the New York City Council was in support of pay raises for the men and women of the NYPD. Fast forward a few months, and those same council members are working to defund that same police department.

41 City Council members signed a letter in support of pay raises which was sent to lame duck Mayor Bill de Blasio just months ago. Now, the Mayor vows to cut funding to the officers who ran toward danger on September 11, 2001, and the December 11, 2017 attempted bombing of the Port Authority.

In May, the Working Families Party and Communities United for Police Reform, called for New York City to redirect NYPD funds to other city social service programs. City Council member, and Panderer in Chief, Brad Lander, proposed a NYPD hiring freeze, while Council member Donovan Richards, head of public safety, called for $55 million in cuts solely to the cadet program and overtime.

City Council Speaker Johnson favors cutting the $6 billion NYPD budget and decreasing officers involvement in NYC schools. Members of the council have proposed cuts between 5 and 15 percent, which would gut the department anywhere between $300 million and $1 billion, changing the NYPD and all the good they do as we know it.

A defunding of the NYPD will certainly come with major consequences. As of this writing, murder is up 25.4%, shooting victims are up 22.1%, shooting incidents are up 22.2%, and burglary is up 47% according to the city’s CompStat crime tracking website.

The department is also prepping itself for a dramatic increase in the number of retirements, and officers prepared to move on to different careers, due to the lack of support from the Mayor’s office and City Council. There have already been 800 disheartened officers who have filed retirement applications or made appointments to discuss retirement within the last month.

Not long ago, New York City was amongst the most dangerous cities in America. In 1990, during the Dinkins administration, 2,245 people were murdered. Mayor Giuliani was elected in 1993, and by 1995 those numbers were cut in half. In Giuliani’s final year as Mayor in 2001, the city had become one of the safest places to visit in the world.

It is my fear that reducing the NYPD’s funding and man power, there will be a significant spike in violent crimes that plagued the city in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

 Candidate Spotlight Andrew Garbarino NY2

Representing the South Shore of Long Island in the New York State Assembly since 2013, Andrew has been fighting Governor Cuomo’s liberal machine that wants to raise taxes, and move more control of our business and personal lives to Albany. He has fought Cuomo’s so-called “bail reform” scheme that allows MS-13 members to walk free, and stood up to his crazy idea of giving drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants.

Andrew has hosted a task force on the heroin and opioids epidemic, listening to those fighting disease and addiction, and helping to provide them with care and support. Additionally, he has always fought for veterans across New York State restoring $6 million in funding for veteran programming.

To learn more, get involved, or donate, visit his website here.

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