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Governor Andrew Cuomo was back on his soap box today, saying how life is unjust and we live in a system that does not give equal opportunity to all.  I thought Governor Cuomo was a little smarter that he portrays himself to be at these press conferences.  America and New York, especially, provides an equal opportunity to all; albeit, there was a time in our history that was not an accurate statement.  Today it is.  An equal opportunity is just that, an opportunity, if you work hard enough, to achieve anything you want, no matter the circumstances of your birth.  What he said today, was a tackles and hurtful statement to those who have worked their way out of the misery that were told they would be able to and they would never amount to anything.  Equal opportunity does not mean equal outcome.  Gov. Cuomo complained about the school districts in poor neighborhoods, but I don’t here him calling for Charter Schools in those neighborhoods.  Nor, has he used his bully pulpit to bring together leaders to discuss the issues creating so much turmoil in today’s society.  He has had 9 years as Governor, and his answer is a to demand that the progressive mantra is embolden and doomed to failure.  BTW, Governor, both sides have people who harbor racism, stirs racism, and create conflict.  The Golden Rule has long since been forgotten.  It would be better for all New Yorkers if you would begin to practice the Golden Rule instead of creating more conflict using your soap box to say you are above the fray.  You stress the decades that have led to this; if you were sincere and honest, you would have rendered a positive influence long before now. The only thing you said today that was honest was that “they’ll say (meaning politicians) whatever they have to say to win an election.”  You would know, wouldn’t you:  Andrew Cuomo, Not Running for Governor, Talks to Conservatives    

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