Will the last one left in New York turn off the lights of this once great city?

When the democratic controlled NYS Legislature finishes it business today, how will any police department recruit new members?  See our press release here.  When will those in responsible positions (elected officials) stop writing legislation in the heat of the moment?  Cooler heads must look at the whole situation to come up with the right solutions.  Here is a person, Shelby Steele,  who should be at the table with leaders to offer serious solutions, not the elected officials pandering to lemmings demanding unrealistic changes and just looking for votes.

Today’s NY Post editorial:  New York politicians are putting cops in an impossible situation.

New York City sees spike in murders and shootings amid George Floyd protests: Report.  What will it be when the democratic controlled legislature finishes their work today?   And what will it be when Mayor DeBlasio enacts his plan to shifting funds away from NYPD.

Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter to President Trump: Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now.

America is Not Racist.

‘Race is a lie. Stop believing it’

The New York Times has lost all credibility.  Judith Miller: New York Times op-ed revolt betrays it values, is ominous warning about censorship.  The Washington Free Beacon’s editors have this to say about the NY Times:  Mob Rule at the New York Times.

Wow.  How low can some journalist stoop?

Rep. Ken Buck: First lockdowns, then riots – here’s how left’s hypocrisy added fuel to the fire.

Here Are Just 10 of the Many Minority-Owned Businesses Destroyed in the Riots.

America’s Small Business Owners Have Been Horribly Abused During These Riots and Lockdowns. That Will Have Consequences.

Well, what do you know, former VP Biden may have a spine after all:  Biden breaks with Black Lives Matter to oppose defunding police.  (I’m not about to bet the mortgage that he won’t change his mind when the pressure from progressives starts in earnest.)

The Censorship of COVID-19 Data Around the World.

Governor Andrew Cuomo here is a good read for you and your “just the facts” messaging.

Today’s presser by Gov. Cuomo.  After he first statement, I couldn’t listen any more.  “Day 100.  When we first started, all the experts, I talked to all the global experts, the people who had studied this all across the world and asked them what is going to happen and where are we going to go.  Nobody knew.”  Who did he speak to?  What experts?  This is a new coronavirus that no one knew anything about…experts?  No one can be an expert when dealing with a newly discovered virus!!!  But Emperor Cuomo closed New York State, not only in the NYC epicenter where he sent our sick patients into our nursing homes to die, the whole state was shut down…and is still struggling to revitalize our economy.  I couldn’t listen to the Emperor any longer, but, you can here.

Over the weekend, the Emperor decided that 25% of religious congregations can now attend services.  Governor, how does the religious organization decide which 25%?  Shameful; especially when so many people really want to go back to church.  Websites are good, but sharing with neighbors and friends in a real church setting, is what people want.