Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his blah, blah, blah presser, until he did this…

Watching Governor Andrew Cuomo’s daily coronavirus updates is difficult at times; however, he must continue doing them in order of the rest of America to understand what New Yorkers are subjected to here in New York State.  His hypocrisy in beyond belief.  He certainly likes to repeat himself daily, blame every possible person and agency that he is not directly involved with and is so condescending.  Today he talks about having to have a plan, well, Governor, your plan isn’t and hasn’t worked well.  King Andrew tries to portray his knowledge – or lack thereof – as to how to recover and again demands the federal government provide the money to do so while slamming the presidential administration once again saying how Europe is responsible.  (How many times does he have to say the same things?)

Governor Cuomo has spoken!  When it is safe, he will reopen our state.  (Did he come down from the mountain with two tablets carved with his rules?)  The repetition of his pressers is disappointing, at the very least, but also good because if people are still watching daily they realize he is only a politician, not a leader.

He seems to realize that his pressers are getting stale, so today he had Rosie Perez and Chris Rock (both from Brooklyn) to help him communicate how important it is to wear masks, they begin at the 26 minute mark.   (BTW he is signing another Executive Order giving private businesses the right to deny entrance to those who do not wear masks or facial-coverings.)  They were doing a public service message, but, I was shocked when Chris Rock (who used to be a good comedian)  and Andrew Cuomo were discussing a video about a young man from Florida who was cavalier regarding the virus, recorded how much fun he was having at a party saying the virus only affected old people, and a few days later he was dead.  THEY LAUGHED!  GOVERNOR ANDREW CUOMO LAUGHED.  (At the 53 mark) Really, Gov., you say you are trying to communicate how important it is to wear a mask, then you LAUGH when a young man who was cavalier about the virus and unfortunately died.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  Keep doing your daily presser…the rest of America is getting to know the real Andrew Cuomo.

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America lost a true patriot yesterday; Congressman Sam Johnson spoke at a Conservative Party dinner a few years back and left quite an impression on everyone in the room.  Rest in Peace, Congressman Johnson, and please continue to watch over America.