New York’s extremely political governor decries politics while displaying his patronizing political self during his daily COVID-19 pressers.

The extremes on both ends of the political spectrum continue to amaze me with their bitter rants and holier-than-you attitudes.  A person (male) just called cpnys and used every swear-word possible, prayed that an airplane destroy the building we are in, wished death and destruction on me and my whole family, said we are killers, called conservatives communist scum and a few other choice names that I would rather forget.  All because we posted a flyer telling people where rallies to open up New York will be held tomorrow.  To state this male is unstable is an understatement.  We only posted a flyer, we are not the organizers, we understand the need for social distancing and masks, and no where did we say that the reader had to go!  It was an informational flyer; here is the information, if you want to use, fine, if not, that was fine with us also.  The caller hid their caller ID, did not identify himself, and hung up before I could ask him if he felt better now that he exercised his freedom of speech.  It amazes me that he believes he is the only one that can exercise that right.  I really hope that he is a regular reader of this blog; it may just educate the insufferable loser.

The COVID-19 news in New York State is not getting any better; yes, the number of admissions to hospitals are trending down as are the number of deaths.  However, the more we learn about the miss steps and grave errors in judgment made by the Cuomo Administration regarding  nursing homes especially, the more we know an independent federal investigation must be impaneled to look into the allegations.   Spectrum News is reporting that the state has ended this policy allowing positive COVID- 19 nursing home staffers to return to work.  All I will say about that is they obviously knew it was another grave mistake and quickly recalled it when exposed by the press.

Andrew Cuomo’s attacks show absurdity of bailout demands.

Ahh, but the public loves how Governor Cuomo is handling the COVID-19 crisis.  Question for Governor Cuomo:  Should the federal government bail you out on this mistake?   (I guess he forgot the old proverb, haste makes waste.)  Granted some of the money has been returned, but we don’t know how much or if we will get it all back.

As Gov. Cuomo has become prone to say, the facts matter.  Well, here are some facts for you Governor.

Edwin Schindler, Esq. has some more facts that Governor Cuomo won’t like because he would rather have his bully pulpit to attack Senator Mitch McConnell.  (But don’t let politics enter the discussion, right Governor?)

Leading CEO on Coronavirus Recovery Panel Wary of Government Power Grab

Food for thought:  COVID-19 Lockdowns May Destroy Our Immune Systems.

Coronavirus and the Risky Mix of Bailouts, Big Business, and Big Government.

Coronavirus lockdown: New York, New Jersey residents losing patience with governors’ reluctance to give firm dates for reopening.

Life after Coronavirus: Bet on Less Change Than You Hope or Fear.

Do you believe in miracles?  This would be one.  How public transit could change as coronavirus lockdowns are lifted.

This is good advice for every school district in New York State:  In NYC’s coronavirus budget crunch, cut bloated schools bureaucracy first.

Where are Elliot Ness and the Untouchables when we really need them?  FBI Agent Questioned Whether ‘Goal’ of Flynn Interview Was ‘To Get Him Fired’, Handwritten Notes Show

Indian Point nuclear-reactor shutdown a huge blow to New York’s environment.

The totalitarian Chinese communists tried to stomp out economic inequality forever. They failed.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.

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