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Gov. Cuomo plays blame game for coronavirus’ American invasion.  “All you need is one person to get on a plane. As it happened, one person got on a plane, and went from China to Europe, and then it went from Europe to New York.”  Gov. Cuomo, you are such an arrogant know-it-all, ready to blame everyone for not being as smart as you.  I want to know why you allowed the state Department of Health to require nursing homes to take back COVIC-19 patients, when you knew “this treacherous virus spreads through nursing homes like fire through dry grass.”  You knew and yet you defend and deflect the directives given by your state Department of Health.  Shame on you.

David Keene writes in the Washington Times:  Easing COVID-19 restrictions: Desperate citizens dismissed as deplorable Trumpsters.

We need more reporters like Charles Hurt; very serious with a super sense of humor.  Dictator Trump, enemy of the press, hurt by openness to press.

Here is Matt Vespa’s take on the “Trump told you to drink bleach” kerfuffle.

Dennis Prager writes about our dress rehearsal for a police state.

Daniel G. Murphy writes in the NY Post:  I’ve worked the coronavirus front line — and I say it’s time to start opening up.

Jim Geraghty opines in National Review on line that we’ve held our breath for long enough.

No Policy Can Save Lives; It Can Only Trade Lives.

From the Gatestone Institute,  Coronavirus: China’s Global Intimidation Campaign

Still desperate for headlines (and looking for a job to access/replenish donations for the Clinton Foundation):  Hillary Clinton to endorse Joe Biden.

Jerry Dunlevy writes about China’s crime against humanity in the Washington Examiner.

I am beginning to firmly believe that we should require those who seek to run for public office have some years in private business to understand how private business raise money and stay in business; that they just cannot raise their prices and price themselves out of business.  A lesson voters have to understand also so they stop electing people who promise them what they want and can only deliver when they raise taxes.

Bennett & Leibsohn:  Coronavirus response — compare Florida with New York, and look at the results so far.

Sen. Rick Scott writes don’t reward states’ bad decisions in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required.)

Wise conclusion from Nicole Gelinas:  New York City needs to slash its spending — or face receivership.