Gov. Cuomo: Your explanations are empty, condescending and frankly frightening.

The ongoing nursing home extremely high death crisis is no closer to understanding, in fact, more questions were raised over the weekend.  Late Friday, the NY Post ran this headline:  New York refused to send nursing home’s COVID-19 patients to nearly empty USNS Comfort.  The NY Post editorial, released Friday evening noted that the fix is obviously in on Cuomo’s ‘investigation’ of nursing-home horrors.  Saturday evening the NY Post ran an exclusive article:  NYC nursing homes ravaged by coronavirus were cited for past hygiene fails.  On Saturday: Cuomo doubles down on ordering nursing homes to admit coronavirus patients .  Sunday, Michael Goodwin wrote:  State lacked common sense in nursing homes coronavirus approach in his weekly opinion piece.  Today, Gov. Cuomo defends not sending nursing home patients to USNS Comfort.  (You can watch Gov. Cuomo’s presser for today here.)

It is clear to me that Governor Cuomo knows that grave “mistakes” were made in the handling of patients from (and some who were not current patients in a) nursing home, is doing what he can to prevent major fallout from the grave “mistakes” made.  What is inconceivable to me – and any person with a heartbeat and common sense – that sending COVID-19 patients back to nursing homes that were cited for past hygiene fails is ethically and morally wrong.  There is no way on earth that action can be defended or deflected; no matter what Governor Cuomo says at this point.  If nursing homes had a poor hygiene record, why did the operators still have a license?  Why were new patients allowed to be admitted?  Granted, not everyone can afford a private nursing home, and many cannot afford apartments in privately run buildings, but, if the operates city and state nursing homes, housing, and shelters, they have an obligation and  responsibility to those the are supposed to be helping – the defenseless, vulnerable people who are most in need.  Shame on Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio and the heads of every agency who go home to their comfortable homes and never give a thought about these human beings who need a helping hand.

The need to have an independent federal investigation into the number of COVID-19 deaths that occurred in New York’s nursing homes is even greater now that we know more about the circumstances surrounding them.

According to Gov. Cuomo the coronavirus could cost New York State $243 billion.    The Empire Center has a new report – Charting NY’s fiscal collapse – that you can access here.   The Empire Center also writes about 7 steps to recovery and renewal.

Obviously, those who responded to the new Siena Poll giving Governor Cuomo high marks are not paying real attention to what is happening in New York.  Bob DiCostanzo published this opinion piece yesterday:  Governor Cuomo, You’re Failing New Yorkers. Lead or Get Out of The Way, in the Libertarian Republican.

How does this woman (and the other squad members) have such a strong voice?  Thank the majority of the main stream press (this newspaper is an exception) who sell their papers by reporting on this controversial member.  Congresswomen, meet Grover Cleveland, who understood government’s role in people’s lives and stressed that that this lesson should be constantly enforced   — that though the people support the Government the Government should not support the people.

Founding Fathers rolling in graves at the COVID-19 constitutional crisis.

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