Chairman Gerard Kassar examines Gov. Cuomo’s flip-flops, President Trump’s re-opening America plans, Gov. Cuomo’s consideration of regional openings in NYS and your continued support.

Cuomo Flip Flops

To say the Cuomo Administration has had to undo their own mess this week, would be an understatement.

In an unconscionable move Wednesday, the state Health Department issued do-not-resuscitate guidelines for first responders.

Our first line of defense in a medical emergency is our paramedics – men and women who see heartbreaking emergencies and are exposed to every imaginable highly contagious disease. These extremely professional, dedicated, compassionate men and women deserve every bit of protection possible; but to ask these very same special, loving, caring people to not do everything possible to save another human life, borders on sacrilege.  They are trained to save lives; not standby and do nothing to help revived them.

Fortunately, due to instant uproar over this asinine ruling, the guidelines were rescinded, allowing medical professionals to continue performing their job of preserving human life.

In another head scratcher, the NY Post highlighted on Thursday a March 25th DOH order that required nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients.  A facility in Queens suffered greatly; losing 30 residents who perished after the nursing home was forced to admit two patients with the virus to a facility previously free of the deadly disease.

Governor Cuomo appeared to deflect the state’s role in the unusual high number of deaths in nursing homes during his presser on Thursday when he noted it wasn’t the state’s job to protect patients in nursing homes, nursing homes have strict rules to protect their patients.

The Governor has since called for the New York State Attorney General to investigate COVID-19 related deaths at nursing homes, but I strongly believe the federal government should impanel an independent commission to look into the allegations.

Trump Administration Lays Out Plan to Re-open

President Trump, at the advice of Doctors and Scientists, released new guidelines for reopening parts of the country last week. The three-phase plan can be put into affect by states who exhibit a two-week downward trend in COVID-19 symptoms.

Phase one would allow for the soft opening of restaurants, movie theaters, sporting venues (without fans), places of worship and gyms, but only if they are able to observe strict social distancing. Additionally, elective surgeries may resume on an outpatient basis.

Phase two would allow schools, youth activities, nonessential travel, parks and shopping centers to open.  There would be a 50-person max placed on gatherings, while restaurant, movie theaters and large venues could operate under lighter social distancing guidelines. Vulnerable individuals would still be encouraged to shelter in place, employers encouraged continuing telework, and bars mandated to operate with less standing room only occupancy.

Phase Three would allow for vulnerable individuals to resume public interaction, while continuing to practice social distancing. Businesses could resume full staffing, large public venues can open under limited social distancing guidelines and hospital visitation can resume.

Along with the phases, each state would have to meet “core state preparedness responsibilities” which includes: adequate testing, screening, fully stocked personal protection supplies, medical equipment, and intensive care bed space.

Reopening New York

Governor Cuomo finally acknowledged this week what many New Yorkers have been pushing for, a regional reopening of areas who have had limited COVID-19 cases, allowing upstate New York to begin transitioning back to normal life.

April 14, the Governor said he would defy an order from the Federal Government to reopen New York, now he is in agreement, the cure can’t be worse than the sickness, and will begin a regional assessment to determine which areas of the state may return to work.

“We operate as one state, but we also have to understand variations,” Cuomo said Tuesday in Buffalo.

“You do want to get this economy open as soon as possible. And if a situation is radically different in one part of the state than another part of the state, take that into consideration” he added.

New Yorker’s are ready to return to their daily lives, get back to work, and get back to contributing to the strongest economy this county has ever seen prior to the Coronavirus outbreak.

We trust our residents to continue practicing social distancing and sanitary conditions, but handcuffing upstate, because of the difficulties downstate, is not fair to the residents of New York who have had minimal exposure to COVID-19 and far fewer cases.

Your Continued Support of the Conservative Party and It’s Candidates

Thank you to everyone who continues to visit our website, remain active on our social media, and support our endorsed candidates. Like everyone, the party has been greatly affected by these unprecedented times, but we continue to do everything we can to be the voice for every day New Yorkers.

We greatly depend on your financial support, if you are not able to contribute monetarily, we ask that you continue to follow, like, and share our social media posts, releases, and support our candidates.

Internally, a majority of our staff voluntarily asked to be removed from payroll in order to allow the party to continue operating in the best interest of you, and our candidates.

We look forward to rescheduling annual events that have been both fun and successful for the Conservative Party, it’s members, friends and guests.


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