The Empire state has an emperor instead of a mere governor.

Yesterday, we issued a press release based on a NY Post article that informed the public that the state Health Department issued new guidelines when first responders answer cardiac arrests emergencies; we are pleased to report that order was been rescinded shortly thereafter.   However, in today’s NY Post editorial,  we have learned that the Health Department ordered nursing homes to accept residents who tested positive for COVID-19.  When questioned about this, Governor Cuomo responded that it “wasn’t our job” meaning the state because the nursing homes were privately run.

Governor Cuomo may not be suffering from COVID-19, but he certainly is suffering from a delusional belief that only he can protect New Yorkers’ and only he knows what must be done.

For example, in today’s presser, Governor Cuomo appeared to defend the state Health Department’s placing known COVID-19 patients in nursing homes.  He stated that there are strict regulations that nursing homes have to follow – for example, quarantining patients, providing PPE equipment for staffers, etc. – and if they could not provide this, they could then as the state for help.  WHY DIDN’T THE STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEATH ASK THE NURSING HOMES IF THEY WERE ABLE TO MEET THE REQUIREMENTS BEFORE TRANSFEREING THEM TO THE NURSING HOME?  Governor Cuomo is never willing to take responsibility when his administration makes unintentional mistakes (let’s not forget being unprepared for massive applications at the Department of Labor), and that is his Achilles Heel, that will prevent him from reaching his ultimate dream of being president of this great nation.

Governor Cuomo likes to say at his daily presser – just the facts, I give you just the fact’s and when it is opinion, I label it as opinion.  Governor Cuomo is no George Washington (albeit, it has never been proved that our first president never told a lie.)  Governor Cuomo slammed Sen. Mitch McConnell for stating that states should declare bankruptcy instead of relying on bailouts.  You really have to watch the way Governor Cuomo presented Sen. McConnell’s statement.  Any words that I could write, cannot explain how Governor Cuomo twisted Sen. McConnell’s interview and made a completely politically biased statement based on his not-labeled opinion (formed by left-wing articles) while decrying the fiscal concerns of Senator Mitch McConnell.  (I won’t remind you that Governor Cuomo has stated there is no place for conservatives in New York State.  Oh no, I just did.)

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial makes some sense when it writes that if states were to benefit by a bailout, there must be conditions placed on the bailout.  “Lawmakers will protest, but they are the ones asking Americans for help. If states want more money, they need to show it won’t merely go to sustain unaccountable, one-party political machines.”

This utterly bizarre statement was from yesterday’s daily presser:  Cuomo tells protesters to get essential jobs, says economic hardship doesn’t equal death.   Get an essential job?  Where Governor?

Quick question Governor, how much money does the state have in its “rainy day” fund?  Since you couldn’t pay the $6 billion debt prior to the current COVID-19 crisis, I wonder if there really is any money in it.

I’m going to file this under “keeping control by fearmongering.”

Keep holding these pressers, Gov. Cuomo so the nation will see what a pretentious, empty suit you really are.

I have the same advice for Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:  AOC blames GOP for ‘9/11’s worth’ of pandemic deaths: ‘Republicans didn’t want to fund hospitals’.  These pressers show the national your lack of common sense, history and most of all your narcissism.

Cops’ hands tied as burglaries rise amid coronavirus crisis: NYPD.

Positive news: Possible coronavirus vaccine enters human testing trial at ‘unprecedented speed’.

Thanks to E. J. McMahon, and Comptroller DiNapoli,  for letting us know that some  Fed aid has begun flowing to NY.  I guess Governor Cuomo would rather continue to slam the Administration and Mitch McConnell instead of acknowledging some financial help.

Nicole Gelinas writes that NYC politicians haven’t begun to face facts about coronavirus fiscal crisis.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams who ends his column with this:  The absolute worst part of the COVID-19 pandemic, and possibly its most unrecoverable damage, is the massive power that Americans have given to their federal, state and local governments to regulate our lives in the name of protecting our health. Taking back that power should be the most urgent component of our recovery efforts. It’s going to be challenging; once a politician, and his bureaucracy, gains power, he will fight tooth and nail to keep it. (emphasis added.)

Remember these words every time you hear Governor Cuomo address COVID-19.