As oil prices plunge, it becomes more evident that our economy is also suffering from COVID-19.

Andrew Cuomo owes a genuine back-to-work plan to New Yorkers.

New York seeks $4B loan from US to cover unemployment tab.

Anticipating a $100 million dollar loss, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez And Jerry Nadler Want $4 Billion In Coronavirus Funding for Museums, even while the museum has a $3.6 billion endowment.  Any wonder why people are frustrated with government spending, especially now, when government is supposed to be helping small businesses that could be forced to permanently close because they do not have endowments.

As if your blood pressure wasn’t elevated enough by the above article, this will make it go up even more:  Wealthy Harvard gets a bailout — while the rest of us struggle. (BTW, here is an interesting article critiquing Harvard’s report on homeschooling you may have missed:  Five Things Harvard’s Critique of Homeschooling Gets Wrong.) Far too many politicians have forgotten what it is like to walk in their constituents’ shoes.

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