“Total authority” President Trump’s poor choice of words that the media is exploiting with glee.

Yesterday, I had hope that two prominent politicians finally called a “time-out,” but, I should have not been so optimistic.  The bickering continues and unfortunately it is escalating.

I watch President Trump’s press briefings most every night as I have often advocated that unless you see and hear things for yourself, you will not know the whole situation.  Watching these press briefings for myself has become quite an education.  As I go through articles (the next day) for the daily update, I am amazed how the main stream media reports the briefings.  Yesterday was no exception.  This blog will not get into the glaring misrepresentations regularly made, but needless to say, yesterday produced a hullabaloo that continues to stir the pot.

Governor Cuomo says “we don’t have a king, we have a president.”  While it is accurate that President Trump did say he has “total authority” (after being pressed pigheadedly by a reporter) he never said he would demand that states reopen on his schedule.  President Trump consistently said that a decision would be made in consultation with experts from the medical, business and other areas impacted by the shutdown.  That didn’t stop Governor Andrew Cuomo from taking one misrepresented quote to castigate President Trump.  This from a Governor that had the Legislature give him carte blanche to rule as he sees fit  (can you say “total authority”) during this COVID-19 crisis.  While the Governor’s press conferences heap praise on him, at least one Albany reporter has the courage to say Governor Cuomo’s and Mayor de Blasio’s response was not as effected as London Breed (Mayor of San Francisco) and Gavin Newsome’s  (Governor of California) were.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is also in a tit-for-tat with Mayor de Blasio, this time over the NYC Schools.  As today’s NY Post editorial points out that Governor Cuomo indicated that “every locality can’t make separate independent decisions during a state emergency.”   So, Governor Cuomo believes “every locality can’t make separate independent decisions during a state emergency” but castigates President Trump for saying he has total authority?

Am I the only one who sees Governor Cuomo’s inconsistencies (not to mention the blatant differences in reporting on President Trump and Gov. Andrew Cuomo) and the fact that he is the common denominator in these political vendettas?

Conrad Black writes in the NY Sun:  Time Approaches For Trump To Act To Open Economy.

Surprise, surprise.  (The surprise is that he admits editing the article.)  NY Times Editor Admits Editing Article on Biden Sexual Assault Allegation After Campaign Complained

From the Washington Times:  Millions of mail-in ballots went missing in 2018: Report

Is this really news?  Obama Breaks Long Silence on Presidential Race, Endorses Biden.

Charles Hurt brings a little levity to a very serious subject.

Sending More Money to States Could Make Their Budget Problems Worse.  Adam Michael nails it with this one sentence: “They create incentives for state governments to act recklessly in hopes or expectation of future bailouts.”

Governor Cuomo knows New York has a budget deficit that will be more than anticipated due to the COVID-19 crisis, yet, the Governor is about to begin running up charges on that $11 billion credit card the Legislature handed the governor in this years’ budget.  Read more about it in E. J. McMahon’s column here.

Everyone loves rainbows, NYC had a specular one last night.