Did two prominent politicians just called a time out?

David Kennedy, a professor of history at Stanford University, had this to say about our current economic crisis: “I’m cautiously optimistic that the economic effects will be severe but not nearly as long-lasting as the Great Depression…” and I am certain every American is praying that he is right.  Read the rest of the article here.

Personally, this should be a bipartisan effort and pass unanimously.  After Coronavirus, Marco Rubio Wants to Make Drugs in America Again.

From the Heritage Foundation, written by Robert Moffit and Doug Badger:  Defeating COVID-19—What Policymakers Can Do to Change the Conditions on the Ground.

Thank you, Larry O’Connor, someone had to say it.

Daniel Kowalski writes in the Foundation for Economic Education that the Soviet Union began as a democratic experiment in socialism.  Send this article if you know people who are thinking about voting for the presumed democratic presidential nominee, especially since Bernie Sanders formally endorsed him.   Biden’s fracking ban will derail environmental and economic gains.  And this was before the Sander’s endorsement, can’t help but wonder what other Sander issues Biden will incorporate into his campaign.

What Universal Health Care looks like:  Coronavirus: Elderly Europeans Denied Treatment

Rights and Non-Rights: A Simple Way to Distinguish the Two.

So wise.  Thomas Jefferson: Liberty and Power.

Coronavirus Crisis Should Spur Innovative Solutions, Not Government Takeovers.

Potential for Fraud Is Why Mail-in Elections Should Be Dead Letter.

Today’s NY Post editorial:  Daniel Vargas is whom NOT to release from prison amid coronavirus crisis.

Unfortunately, this article New York’s Incurable Spenders is behind the WSJ’s pay wall.

Is it any wonder why his brother keeps asking him?  Cuomo, northeastern governors announce ‘coordinated’ regional effort to reopen amid coronavirus.

Say what?  I think President Trump and Governor Cuomo have given themselves a “time-out.”  Let’s hope it lasts.  ‘He Has Delivered for New York’: Cuomo Praises Trump’s Coronavirus Response.

Nicole Gelinas has some good suggestions for the post-quarantine city.