Chairman Kassar’s wrap up includes the NYS Budget, Conservative Candidates and a note of thanks to all who continue to give of themselves during the coronavirus crisis.

New York Passes ‘Political Budget’ at Exactly the Wrong Time

The state budget passed with less public and legislative input than at any other time in New York State history.   Governor Andrew Cuomo should have pigeonholed controversial items in his budget and moved them into the regular legislative session where they belong and could be vigorously debated.

In times of crisis, politics has to take a backseat to pragmatism, and that sadly didn’t occur in Albany this week. While members were away from the chamber and reform advocates were sequestered in their homes, billions of dollars of new borrowing was green-lighted; some small political parties were all but eradicated in New York; a taxpayer-paid campaign system was created; new financial burdens were placed on small business owners, and a massive $3-billion bond issue was approved for the November ballot, among other things. What else the governor stuffed into this budget we will soon find out.

Thankfully, the Conservative Party of New York State is strong, in good standing, and will survive the recommendations suggested by the Public Financing Commission. Our party will continue to operate as normal, our candidates will be on the ballot, and we will far surpass the vote threshold needed to maintain our spot on row C.

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, virtually no budget debate took place in Albany in the days leading up to the budget’s passage. Senators and assembly members were not present in their respective chambers and votes were taken remotely.

I am also disappointed that judges were deprived of the right to use discretion in determining whether to require cash bail from those arrested for crimes. Law enforcement leaders and prosecutors begged the governor and state legislature to give judges that discretion. Governor Cuomo’s budget further deprived localities of the right to require approval for certain energy development projects, making a mockery of local zoning laws and effectively eliminating “home rule.”

We are looking at a policy-driven budget of misstarts and overreaches, and New Yorkers will pay dearly for it.

Conservative Party Candidates

We are proud to be running a full slate of candidates this November for Congress, State Senate, and State Assembly. The pandemic has interfered with seemingly every aspect of life, including campaigns. While we must suspend all person-to-person campaigning for the safety of our residents, these tough times will pass, and we will be dependent on you more than ever for support.

This year’s budget is yet another example of why we must continue to remember our Congressional, Senate and Assembly candidates, and promote them the best we can.

I ask that you continue to use social media to share some of the great things our candidates are doing for their community, as well as highlight their policies and platforms that would be a vast improvement to what continues to come out of Albany; wasteful spending, dangerous bail reform, and pick pocketing tax payers.

When our quarantine is lifted and we return to life as normal, I ask you to support through volunteering, financial support, and most importantly, your vote.

Chairman’s Note

I want to continue to remember and thank all our essential frontline workers. I believe I speak for everyone when I say we are proud of our medical professionals, our first responders those continuing to supply medications, groceries, and other essential items every day.

I would also like to thank our United States military and National Guard who have mobilized in New York to provide much needed relief. The USNS Comfort arrived this week in New York City providing 1,000 additional beds, and Samaritans Purse has constructed hospital facilities in the Upper East Side in partnership with Mt. Sinai Hospital.

I am extremely grateful for all the organizations that have come together to care for our sick and help prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

Continue to practice social distancing and maintain sanitary conditions so that we can flatten the curve and return to normal routines.

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