Governor Cuomo should adopt Sir Francis Bacon’s sound advice.

E. J, McMahon honest assessment of this year’s budget crisis: NY lawmakers letting Cuomo make all tough budget decisions — when he gets to it. Governor Cuomo is a micromanager, a blessing and a curse, and while the legislators have given him the ability to do so expand his control over the budget, albeit, for this year only, Governor Cuomo does not like to cede control once it is handed to him on even if on a tarnished silver platter.  And has been proven through the years, the legislators, continue to abdicate their responsibilities by  allowing major issues that should stand alone (for example the Criminal Justice Reform adopted in last year’s budget – see related article below) to be passed after a floor debate and vote and not rushed through in budget bills that have little or no time to be methodically reviewed.

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With so much on Governor Cuomo’s tarnished silver platter, he still tries to silence those who do not agree with him:  Previously Struck Down in Court, New State Campaign Finance System and Political Party Ballot Thresholds Passed in Budget.  Flashback:  Andrew Cuomo, who said conservatives aren’t welcome in his state, lectures on need to tone down rhetoric.  Again, buried in a budget bill, Governor Cuomo places limits on New Yorker’s freedom of association and speech.  The Commission he created last year to quash minor parties, was struck down by a Supreme Court Judge, but that hasn’t deterred his quest to silent his critics.  Governor, you may be riding high now, but the higher you ride, the deeper you fall.  The Conservative Party came before you and will continue long after you are gone.  Quick question Governor:  if you are so certain you are right about everything, why the need to suppress the First Amendment?  Obviously, Gov. Cuomo is not a student of Sir Francis Bacon who said,” This is certain, that a man that studieth revenge, keeps his own wounds green, which otherwise would heal, and do well.”

Biden Super PAC Joins Forces with David Brock Group to Form $175 Million Anti-Trump Coalition.  I can’t help but think how much good this coalition could do if it wasn’t blinded by resentment over losing to a man not from the political class.

World Health Organization Spends Twice as Much on Travel as on Medical Supplies.

Tammy Bruce reminds us when you are the best at what you do; both sides want, respect and listen to your expertise and that blind resentment even in a time of crisis sometimes colors the opposition’s judgment.

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