Gov. Cuomo insists he has not considered running for president, if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you.

This is one of the rare times that I indicate a must read column: A Nation’s True Test Comes After the Crisis.  Kudos to Lawrence W. Reed for reminding some of us what we may have forgotten and others who were never taught of why we are so very blessed to be Americans.

It is safe to say that Governor Andrew Cuomo should read Mr. Reed’s column.

It is also safe to say that government doesn’t need our permission to track our whereabouts since we readily give it to them  by using our cell phones.

Governor Cuomo, like Rahm (never let a crisis go to waste), Emanuel , has benefitted by the positive coronavirus crisis press coverage, but this article – Bursting the Cuomo bubble – reminds us that he is just an ordinary politician who  outwardly holds a steady hand while calculating his future, despite telling his brother on national tv that he has no desire to run for president.  If the Democratic National Convention asked him, would he say no?  I seriously doubt it.

We seldom, if ever, agree with editorials in the New York Times, however we will admit that today’s editorial, Keep It Simple, Albany. This Is No Time for Budget Games, makes some good points.  (Did anyone really think we would agree with all of it?)  We, like others, believe that important policy decisions should not be rolled into the budget.

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