USNS Comfort, comforts New York.

Late on Friday, the United States lost a great a leading voice for limited and modest government and for fiscal rectitude former Senator Tom Coburn.  Here is how the Daily Signal remembers Sen. Coburn.

Now more than ever, leaders and governments need a moral compass.

15 Religious Leaders Share How to Hope During the Pandemic.

6 Things to Know About Anthony Fauci as He Helps Shape Response to Coronavirus.

Welcome, USNS Comfort!  You are a sight for New York’s eyes and a comfort to our overworked health care providers.

Trump on target with facts and help during the coronavirus crisis.

Majority back ‘full national shutdown,’ while Trump’s approval up with blacks and Hispanics: Poll.

Donald Devine writes in American Spectator about Trump’s Kiplingesque Coronavirus Leadership.

Joe Mahoney, writes in the Lockport Union -Sun and Journal that Cuomo vows to swing ax at state spending. The article explains how the progressives and fiscal hawks are all making their voices heard for their own agendas.  One thing is certain, New York was facing a $6 billion deficit prior to the economic catastrophe caused by the closing of businesses and requiring non-essential employees to work at home.  Simply put, the NYS Budget cannot add one additional penny to its budget, as it faces a loss of up to $15 billion due to the loss of income caused by government shutting down “non-essential” businesses.  The fiscal hawks must win this budget battle; if it doesn’t, New York will see an exodus that exceeds tenfold the one we have experienced in the last ten years.

Here is another comprehensive article on the NYS Budget crisis written by another longtime Albany reporter, Joseph Spector for the Democrat & Chronical today.   Needless to say, while NY is in dire financial straits, to pass the recreational use of marijuana in the budget, would be an unconscionable action by the Legislature.  Instead of seeing the sale of recreational marijuana as a partial panacea for its financial woes, the Members of the Legislature must consider the severe pitfalls of this Schedule 1 drug.

Bill Hammond writes in the NY Post that as coronavirus rages, Albany’s health-care taxes are simply inexcusable.

Ken Girardin explains in Empire Center article how the  Taylor Law ties up COVID response.

Mayor de Blasio’s 180 degree about face:  Bill de Blasio: NYC churches caught holding services during coronavirus may be ‘permanently’ closed and New Yorkers who break social distancing rules will now face fines up to $500.

While the chatter is all about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the current coronavirus crisis, some are not fooled by his ability to manipulate the press.

New York State Legislature Moves to Vote Remotely.

Good to know some still have a sense of humor even in a crisis.  I wonder if the Governor shared the Gov. Cuomo Press Coverage Bingo card.

Ray Charles Sheds His Grace on America.