Is today’s medical pandemic creating tomorrow’s economic crisis?

A medical pandemic is, to say the least, a serious health problem that needs to be addressed. However, in doing what is right for those at risk, and those who do not know they have the virus, for carriers who do not get sick, and for everyone who breathes, government must realize that the economic fall out in doing all of what may be necessary, may bring about an economic crisis greater than the medical pandemic currently being faced.  In fact, government is well on its way to creating an economic crisis the likes of which may rival any previous one throughout our history.  Yes, government has an obligation to protect her citizens, but it also has a fiscal and moral obligation to not waste her revenues.  Americans and New Yorkers are strong individuals that will withstand this crisis and be that much stronger as we always have since the birth of our great nation.

E. J. McMahon explains in his column NYS Will Soon Need A Fiscal Ventilator.

Today’s NY Post editorial writes this:  NY lawmakers will pass a state budget, must stick to what’s necessary.  “The first instinct of the progressives who run the Legislature — hike taxes in the name of balancing the books — is guaranteed to make the economic picture worse, kicking average New Yorkers when they’re down.”

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Judge tossing NY’s public-campaign-finance law is a win for rule of law. It is rare when the NY Post and NY Daily News have editorials that agree on public campaign financing, but apparently, our lawsuit brought them together on the fact that such an expensive expenditure of public funds does not belong in the hands of non-elected officials and both editorials agree that Niagara County state Supreme Court Justice Ralph Boniello made the right decision.  Commission impossible: A judge upends the recommendations of a misbegotten state campaign finance panel.