The Stock Market needs an anti-viral inoculation.

Kudos to the law team that went to bat for political freedom in New York.

Today is a good day to read Jim Geraghty article “A Pep Talk for America” published online yesterday in National Review.  It reminds us that we will get through this scary coronavirus crisis as we have gotten through everything else America has faced.

Staying calm and rational will win the war against coronavirus.

From the Daily Signal:  A Doctor Explains What You Need to Know About Coronavirus

Robert Knight opines on loony liberals spiral out of control over Supreme Court, Joe Biden, abortion and the coronavirus in the Washington Times.

Democrats’ family leave act unaffordable, inaccessible.

Seriously, for shame Patton Oswalt:   Patton Oswalt Imagines Trump Supporters Dying from Coronavirus.

America needs Washington to quit partisan bickering in face of coronavirus.

Coronavirus in NY: Gov. Cuomo bans gatherings of more than 500 people.

This article was published almost two years ago and every person who is a Bernie supporter should read it, perhaps even Bernie himself — for he also, does not appreciate all the good that capitalism truly does here in America and throughout the world. Here is another one for the Bernie Bro’s.

According to this, the Criminal Justice Reform Law is wreaking havoc on code enforcement as well is criminal justice.

Trump Considers Veto of FISA Reauthorization.

To brighten up your day:  Podiums At Next Debate To Be Equipped With Life Alert Buttons.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.