Andrew Cuomo morphs into Rahm Emanuel.

Leave it to former NYPD Commissioner, Ray Kelly, to tell it like it really is.  In case you missed this from Sunday’s  NY Post: Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly blasted state bail reform Sunday, saying the legislature “shoved” the reform law “down the public’s throat.”   Listen to Mr. Kelly on the Cats Roundtable here.

Governor Cuomo had the Criminal Justice Reform Bill in last year’s budget; and the consequences when implemented have been far reaching and well publicized in this blog.  Not learning from his major political mistake, Governor Cuomo is pushing the legalization of marijuana in this year’s budget.   Despite efforts to change the classification of marijuana, it is still classified as a Schedule I drug and to only perceive it as an revenue enhancer is disingenuous and dangerous.  At the very least, it should be a stand alone bill, and freely debated on the floor with minimal time limits so all the information regarding the dangers of smoking, inhaling, or eating, growing and dispensing marijuana is available.  In Massachusetts, Resistance to Marijuana Dispensaries.  Legislators must know all of the issues and concerns that have surfaced in states that passed recreational marijuana, if they do, we are certain they will not allow it in New York.  And, If they foolishly insist on allowing recreational marijuana to go forward; the backlash will be just as strong as it is on the Criminal Justice Reform.

Former Mayor Rahm Emanuel was fond of saying “You never want a serious crisis go to waste.” It is very apparent that Governor Andrew Cuomo has taken that advice to heart.  First, with very little opposition, he had the legislature provide $40 million to protect New Yorkers from the coronavirus (remember the state budget is already facing a $6 billion deficit) but more egregiously they passed changes to the emergency powers granted to the Governor.  Three unlikely political allies have grave concerns, as we all should, with these newly created powers that seemingly innocuous language changes in the legislation could give unprecedented authority to Cuomo for as long as the governor wants it.

The  Governor is using Coronavirus – which admittedly is spreading; but with roughly 19 million inhabits and roughly 200 known cases and measures in place to help prevent a pandemic like spread in NYS, Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing paid sick leave to the fore.   We all have empathy for those who do not have paid sick leave, but relying on fear to get legislation passed is not a responsible long-term response.  Coronavirus Shows Government Paid Leave a Bad Fit for Employees’ Needs.

Will the Coronavirus change the petitioning season?  Coronavirus fears could imperil New York’s democracy, lawmakers warn.

I wonder if this will come up in the next Biden/Bernie debate?

Oh Boy, even when ahead in the race, former VP Biden has thin skin.

California Throws the Books at Undercover Reporter Who Exposed Baby Body Trafficking.  The voters in California have blindly given carte blanche to California’s government; thereby proving this quote:  “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have,” including the right to life and freedom of the press.  What will be next?

We were not the only ones who saw the hypocrisy in the NY lawmakers last week.