Super Tuesday! Will a new leader be crowned? Will it be Bernie or Joe?

Anyone the least bit familiar with the criminal justice reform bill passed by the democratic controlled legislature and signed by democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, is not surprised by this headline: NYPD stats show notable jump in crime so far this year.  Governor, the criminal justice you stuck in the budget bill must be fixed NOW.  If you haven’s signed our petition, please do so here.

Bernie Sanders Is Wrong About American Health Care.  The U.S. system remains the best equipped to handle challenges like the coronavirus.

Donald Trump vs corona hysteria.  His critics are desperate for him to mishandle a crisis. So far, he hasn’t

Supreme Court to Hear First Major Abortion Case Since Kavanaugh’s Confirmation. Here’s What to Know.

Trans Indoctrination in the Schools?

How low can an elected official go?  This is pretty low if you ask me.  Leftist Denver councilwoman cheers idea of infecting Trump rallies with coronavirus.

White House budget chief nails it:  Budget Chief Prescribes Less Government Spending as Key to Draining Swamp.

Finally, it is Super Tuesday.   4 Keys to Understanding History of Super Tuesday.

Inside History looks at what happens in a contested convention.

His money is buying him name recognition, but the more he speaks, the more we learn that his political agenda doesn’t necessarily agree with the U. S. Constitution.  It’s okay for him to “hire guns” but not okay for US citizens to bear arms?  Keep the Town Halls coming and be certain to watch any debate the former Mayor of New York City is invited to.  Michael Bloomberg is brilliant when it comes to business and trying to sell himself, but when it comes to live interviews/debates for the job of President of the US, he is certainly lacking in the ability to connect with the people.

Tucker Carlson skewered Joe Biden last evening and well worth listening to or reading here.

Chuck DeVore: Super Tuesday’s biggest prizes are CA and TX – here’s what to watch for in those states