Will you watch the democratic debate tonight?

John Steele Gordon writes in today’s NY Post why the coronavirus will only be a bump in the road for the world economy.  After yesterday’s market plunge (and today’s), it is good to know that for the most part it is only a bump in the road.

The City-Journal:  Childish Logic

Why an April 1 deadline Governor? Are you stating that if no agreement is made by April 1, there will be no changes in this law that leaves the safety of New York’s residents in danger?  As we have noted many times, government’s primary responsibility is to keep all people safe.  The NY Post is reporting that Cuomo could make bail reform changes in state budget.   So, possible changes buried in the budget, with little or no discussion with law enforcement.  Does anyone really think this is a good idea – besides the Governor and his leftwing allies?

If this ruling stands, New York housing construction will grind to a halt.

Bernie Sanders: I Will Only Nominate Supreme Court Judges Who Support Abortions Up to Birth.  What a reprehensible statement.  Tonight’s debate will put Bernie in the hot seat:  Democrats warm up for big debate, unloading on Sanders, but, sadly no one on that stage will take him to task for having an extreme litmus test for Supreme Court Justices.  I wonder if anyone will take him to task on this:  Bernie Sanders Promoted Article Saying American Dream ‘More Apt To Be Realized’ In Venezuela.   Rich Lowry writes that Bernie Sanders just loves America’s enemies.  Why Bernie Sanders’s Populism Is a Threat to Economic Freedom.

The Left’s Appalling Whitewashing of Castro’s Legacy.

Liberal Ninth Circuit Upholds Trump Admin’s Rules on Abortion Funding.

Coming To America: Then And Now.

To Whose Good? Our Schools and the Sexualization of the Young.

From the Empire Center:  NYSUT’s “millionaires.”

A Hero of Black History in America: 9 Powerful Quotes from Frederick Douglass.