Will Bernie Sanders be the democratic standard-bearer?

Why is it that criminals are getting every benefit of the doubt while victims are being victimized again by the current changes promoted by social justice warriors?  Without doubt, there have been innocent people convicted and were forced to spend years in prison, but does that mean we now have to do all that is possible to prevent conviction?  We have made strides to be certain that the person on trial and facing conviction is the true perpetrator and no doubt there is more that can be done, but, lately it seems that the efforts being made to prevent making mistakes are not considering the safety of the community.    Pro-crime lobby looking to take yet another policing tool away from NYPD.

This is from today’s Siena College Research Institute:  Support for New Bail Law Continues to Erode; Majority Now Thinks New Bail Law is Bad for NY

“Support for the new bail law – which took effect in January after passage as part of the budget last year – continues to plummet. In April, New Yorkers thought the new law would be good for the state by 17 points. Last month, voters said the new law is bad for the state by a margin of 12 points. Today, that margin for thinking the law is bad for New York has bulged to 26 points,” Greenberg said.  Sign our petition here. 

Jimmy Vielkind writes in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) that Democratic Leaders Split on Taxes, New Bail Law.

According to The Hill, Congress is set for clash over surveillance reforms.

The City-Journal asks the question How Do You Price a Pandemic?

Guy Benson writes in Townhall.com  So, It Looks Increasingly Likely That Democrats Are Actually Going to Nominate This Man.

James Carville sees things in a different light.  Or maybe James Carville, the man who coined “It’s the economy, stupid,” and helped Bill Clinton win, is just wishing that Sanders was a democrat and not a socialist.

What Americans Must Know About Socialism.

If anyone doubts we are in a global economy, the stock market proved it today as it reacted to the coronavirus crisis.

Mike Bloomberg flip-flops again.