Does Bernie Sanders really want to be President of America? Perhaps he should get a better reading of the American voters.

This headline gets your attention:  Buttigieg: Heroin Possession Won’t Be Illegal Under My Administration.  While we all understand the horrors of addiction, does the Mayor believe that the drug dealers shouldn’t be prosecuted?  Shame on him, if he does.  The article does not make it clear if that is his intent; but it does state that there were 67,000 drug overdose deaths in 2018, and those pushing and selling the drugs that caused those deaths, should be incarcerated.

What took our Attorney General so long?  Barr announces sweeping new sanctions, ‘significant escalation’ against left-wing sanctuary cities.

The Daily Signal writes that the Trump budget cuts size of federal government, but bolder reforms needed.  Fred Lucas, also writing in the Daily Signal,  projects deficits until 2035.

Good news.    Gallup poll: Majority of Americans would not vote for a socialist for president

Kudos to Justice Michael Mackey for issuing  a common-sense  temporary restraining order halting the Empire State’s new lightning-rod rule that renters can no longer be charged broker’s fees.  Let’s hope that the temporary restraining order becomes permanent.

Governor Cuomo, this is just wrong.  An issue as volatile is making marijuana a legal, recreational drug, should not be included in a budget bill.  It should stand alone, and be openly debated on the floor of the legislature, with all the facts exposed.  Stop looking at the legalization of marijuana as a financial resource; the costs associated with legalization of marijuana will drive New York’s debt deeper in the budget hole.

As noted in the NY Post editorial, No, Speaker Heastie, massive flaws in no-bail law are not ‘fake news’, the criminal justice reforms passed in last years’ budget is proving to be the biggest misguided mistake made in any legislature in recent times.

Hoping Dermot Shea keeps fighting anti-cop extremists, including ones in office is another excellent column by Bob McManus.

Members of the NYS Legislature should note the problems California is facing since they passed AB5.