Who knew, the most powerful man in New York isn’t the Governor, just a union honcho.

In case you missed this Saturday article in the NY Post:  Teachers’ union boss Mike Mulgrew launches campaign against Cuomo Medicaid plan.  Mulgrew said “Why am I doing this? I stand up for New York City,” the union boss told The Post Friday night.  In reality, Mr. Mulgrew was standing up for his union, knowing full well, that the more that has to be paid for Medicaid, the less there will be for schools.  Should be an interesting budget process…with everyone wanting a larger piece of the pie.

Attempted assassinations of NYPD cops show it’s time to cool anti-police fury.

America’s Quiet Policing Crisis.

Another amazing mistake by the NYS Democratic controlled legislature:  New rent law helps tenant jailed in Rikers on murder charges beat eviction.

E. J. McMahon makes some very good points in today’s NY Post Op-ed.

Michael Bloomberg, the billion dollar panderer, Bloomberg Pledges to Investigate ICE ‘Abuse’ in Immigration Proposal

Robert J. Knight, writing in the Washington Times, reminds us why marriage-based family life is key to civilized cultures.

Remember that 2017 Equifax hack when 145 million Americans had their information stolen?  Today four Chinese nationalists were arrested.

Victor Davis Hanson writes in American Greatness about the once and future scandal.

One News Now wants to know if there is a stop sign ahead for ‘Green Light’ law?

Will New York State’s Criminal Justice Reform bill morph into a bigger problem, like Britain’s Criminal-Justice Frivolity?

Red v. Blue: Seismic shifts in economic and demographic power are occurring across America.  Considering the barrage of daily news from the main stream media, you may be surprised who is winning.

The Poorest 20% of Americans Are Richer on Average Than Most European Nations.

Human Nature Makes Socialist Ideals Impossible.

The Battle Over America’s Soul.  (I know where AOC and the Squad are, and those who read this blog, know where I am.)