Is a college education really worth the money being spent when it fills minds with progressive agenda’s, not unmodified facts?

Jay Jacobs is right, but for all the wrong reasons.  His priority should be the safety of all New Yorkers, not protecting his incumbents.  We have repeated stated that the Criminal Justice Reform is not only about cashless bail; it is also about the 15-day discovery period that gives pertinent information to the defense team, including, but not limited to, personal phone numbers, home and cell, addresses, witnesses, the right to visit the crime scene without any thing being changed, and if it isn’t handed over, the charges are dropped.  Cashless bill, is one thing, but these new discovery standards are almost impossible to accomplish.   While all the “noise” is about cashless bail, and tweaks may eventually be made to give Judges some discretion (but not until legislators know if they are in a primary) the elephant in the room is the 15-day discovery.

Hopefully, judges, like this, (with backbone) will help:  Cohoes judge issues order challenging state’s bail reform law.

Unfortunately,  Speaker Heastie seems to think there is nothing wrong with the new law, it just needs to have some more time to make it work.

We are not sensationalizing the issue; we are doing our best to be certain the safety of all New Yorkers comes first and foremost.  Yes, it is difficult to raise bail money and some are truly first time offenders and the alleged crime may be minor, but the victims of the crime need to know they will not be victimized again by the perpetrator, nor will they be set free because the DA’s office was unable to provide the required information within 15 days.  Sign our petition here.

I’m still trying to figure out how the democrats will blame the republicans for this fiasco.  Iowa chaos: Democrats undone by reporting fiasco; Buttigieg declares victory, Bernie counters.   Hillary, of course, will do all she can to distance herself from Gerard Niemiram who created the APP responsible for the chaos.  If it wasn’t so serious, it would actually be pretty funny; sometimes the tried and true is best.

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