As of today, there are two hundred and twenty-four days until election day 2020

Senator Bernie Sanders is so misguided:  Sanders attempts to lead Generation Z into a socialist paradise.  What is even more upsetting is that Generation Z is willing to believe that his socialist paradise exists. Did they sleep through history classes, or again, what is more upsetting, were they taught the history of socialism?  Do they even delve into the hypocrisy of Sen. Sanders campaigns?  Bernie Sanders’ $16.3T climate plan would phase out fossil fuels; yet, he thinks nothing of using a private jet to fly around.  Hmm, come to think of it, Sen. Sanders is a true socialist –peasants should work so he can live the life of luxury.  Wake up, Generation Z!

Michael Bloomberg, created a business that has paid him very well and he can afford living the life of luxury.  Bloomberg Drops $200 Million on Campaign in First Five Weeks.  But like the others running in the democratic primary, he espouses punishing the people who have made substantial money and corporations which ultimately hurts consumers by raising their prices or is unable to hire more employees.

The Democratic Party has a problem.  Their leading socialist and capitalist candidates both want to end the economic boom Americans have experienced under President Donald J. Trump.  What do they have against us?  What do they have against America?

Perhaps it is time to remember E.B. White’s forgotten story about the tyranny of good intentions.

Here is a report that is very interesting regarding how progressives cities betray their commitment to educational opportunity for all.

Governor Cuomo:  would you please explain this.  NY and CA spend billions more in taxes than TX and FL — and get worse results.  If unable, we would be happy to explain to you how to cut the unnecessary spending.  (We will also explain it to all your fellow democrats and the federal, state and local level.)

This editorial in the Daily Gazette suggests New York should focus on the solutions as to why people are leaving New York.  Do we really need a panel to study why when we all know why?  It seems to me that a panel is just buying time; we know the problems…taxes, regulations, poor business opportunities.  Change the mindset of elected officials; isn’t it about time elected officials stop putting their re-election before the needs of the citizens of this great state?

Michael Goodwin made a good point in his Sunday column:  Hillary Clinton ended the practice of humble concessions.  Hillary is obviously still bitter over losing.  And it appears Speaker Pelosi is becoming just like her.

Here is an open letter from State Senator Gallivan on NY’s Bail Reform Law.  We are in an election year; we must be certain to elect like-minded people to get the changes necessary in the ill-thought out law.  Sign our petition today, if you haven’t already.  Then get involved in the process to elect people that put the safety of our citizens first.

11 hospitalized after fentanyl sent to Dannemora prison in Upstate NY.  Gov. Cuomo, when they find the people who mailed the fentanyl, will they be released without bail?

How the left seeks to censor challenges to man-made global warming.

Good News:  Monday starts an excellent week for President Trump.

In case you missed this yesterday prior to the LIV Superbowl:  The Super Bowl Ad Honoring the American Flag Featuring Johnny Cash and Cpl. Kyle Carpenter