Millennials may like big government, but they don’t like what it costs.

House Passes Fentanyl Ban Over Democratic Objections.  Can you believe this headline?  What is going on with some democrats?  Have they forgotten that governments role is to protect its citizens? Fentanyl is one of the most dangerous drugs ever and yet some insist that there is no reason to keep those that pedal this death drug in jail.  Shameful, simply shameful.  New York state democrats have gone a step further than those in Washington, DC.  Suspects accused of running $7M fentanyl ring released without bail.

The main-stream-media likes to report on the cases where finding bail money is difficult, pressuring people to understand how difficult it is when a family does not have the means to post bail.  Here are two examples:  Woman Impacted Says Finding Bail Money Can Be “Nerve-Racking” for Families and Chris Churchill’s article in the Albany Times Union:  A back and forth on bail reform.  We are not heartless and understand how difficult it is to post bonds to get people out on bail, but, taking judicial discretion from the equation sends the wrong message.   How will the MSM react when the worst-case scenario takes place?  Sign our petition to demand repeal of this nonsensical, dangerous bill.

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