Is tolerance a one way or two way street?

What a conference! The 53rd Annual Conservative Party Political Action Conference is now history, and if you were unable to attend, you missed a conference that energized our leaders and attendees, heard great speakers, and learned about situations that are not accurately reported by the press.  We will have videos posted shortly, and while you will be able to learn and see what we saw in person, it is never quite the same.  You can watch a spectacular 4th of July fireworks show and enjoy it, but the live music, smoke and smell of gunpowder and sulfur make the fireworks show come alive.  The same with CPPAC, being there in person with like-minded patriots, makes it so much better.  Mark your calendar NOW –  January 31-February 1, 2021 – plan on being there in person.

The Impeachment drones on, wasting tax dollars while real work goes undone.  So sad that this is happening in our country; so sad that the oligarchs in America are still trying to overturn the will of the people.  Michael Goodwin writes in the NY Post that even with Bolton, case against Trump too small for impeachment: Goodwin.  Rich Lowry has this to say: Why John Bolton’s ‘bombshell’ really isn’t.  Why is it that Congressman Adam Schiff and all of his lemmings in Congress and the press are so intense in doing all he can to 1) overturn the 2016 election of Donald J. Trump and 2) do even more to ensure that Donald J. Trump is not elected in 2020?  I’m tempted to consider that they all have a financial stake in keeping the status quo to benefit their families.  After all, didn’t Speaker Pelosi parley her connections to financially benefit her husband, walking that extremely thin line between what is illegal and what is unethical.  And she isn’t the only one.  What is happening in our country is more than extreme dislike for a man; it borders on trying to attempt a non-military coup.  Simply because a man is keeping his promises to the people who put him in office to protect them, to clean up the previous attempts to change our basic American values, to save taxpayers money from going to regimes who would rather see America fall and to protect the lives of those not yet born.

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New York State Conservatives call for reforms to budget process.

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Robert J. Knight opines in the Washington Times about Dems’ un-American agenda appeases LGBTQ community.  For your information, New York State has the same law.

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