Chairman Kassar’s wrap up includes the effort in NYC for non-citizens to vote, the Governor’s expensive budget and the ongoing impeachment scam.

New York City Council Introduces bill allowing non-citizens to vote in elections

Thursday, New York City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez (D-Manhattan) sent a clear message that citizenship doesn’t matter when he introduced a bill giving  non-citizens the right to vote in city wide elections.

Councilman Rodriguez and his ultra-left-wing colleagues, in attempting to allow non-citizens to vote in New York City elections, are devaluing the votes of American citizens residing in our city. What incentives remain to live, work and raise a family in New York City?

Though some Democratic Councilmen have come out against the bill, it reportedly has legitimate support in the Council and could potentially add 500,000-1,000,000 non-citizens to the voter rolls.

“It’s not progressive to tell legal residents of the United States that citizenship has no value,” said Councilman Kalman Yeger (D-Brooklyn).

Councilman Robert Holden (D-Queens) added “I’m against any non-citizen voting. That’s our basic right that we’ve earned as citizens.”

The Conservative Parties five NY City county organizations, as well as the State Conservative Party, have come out strongly against this bill.

Hold Onto Your Wallets

 It took 11 budget addresses for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to finally admit that New York has a tax and spend problem. We could have told you that from day 1.

While the national economy soars, New York is staring down the barrel of a $10 billion budget deficit. Who’s going to help make up that deficit? YOU, the taxpayer; thanks to the addition of $2 billion dollars in additional tax revenue. Billions of dollars in new taxes and fees, where have I heard that before?

Meanwhile, in his “effort” to make New York more sustainable, Governor Cuomo plans to cut services and hike health insurance taxes to combat the state’s staggering $6 billion Medicaid budget deficit.

The Empire Center’s, Bill Hammond, told the Daily News of the trouble this could cause businesses and residents who could potentially have the burden placed on their shoulders. “In his remark’s he mentioned that ‘industry revenue’ could be one way to close the gap, and when his budget director was asked about it, he did not rule it out,” he said.

Revenue has been better than expected, but we continue to run in the red due to out of control spending. Now, we are facing our worst fiscal problem since the recession of 2010, all while our Governor continues to make empty promises, forcing New Yorkers to flee for greener financial pastures in tax friendlier states.

New York was one of only ten states who lost population in 2019.  In total 1,379,210 residents have left the state since 2010.

Impeachment Sham Now in the Senate

After a delay from Speaker Pelosi, the articles of impeachment were finally sent to the United States Senate. As you can imagine, it continues to be a waste of time and taxpayer dollars, this time just in different chambers.

Democrats have spent a majority of their time calling on witnesses to testify, but Leader Mitch McConnell set forth rules stating the discussion of having witnesses will happen, but only after six days of opening arguments by House Impeachment manager, Rep. Adam Schiff, and President Trump’s team, including NY Rep. Elise Stefanik. Democrats need four Republican Senators to reach the majority of 51 votes to allow for witnesses.

House Democrats failed to make a case for impeachment, but they did, perhaps unintentionally, prove one thing. They do not believe their party has the ability to defeat President Trump at the polls this November.

Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Nadler and company must continue these games in an effort to try and distract the American electorate from the facts. Our economy is on fire, unemployment rates are the lowest they have ever been for African Americans and Hispanics, and overall at a 50 year low. People have more money in their pockets, feel safer, and have a sense of pride in being an American again.

President Trump has worked vigorously for the American people. I look forward to Senate Republicans and Leader McConnell making quick work of this sham impeachment so that our Federal Representatives can get back to doing what we sent them to Washington, D.C. to do: represent the people.

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